Monday, November 9, 2009

and away we go!

here we are...back at home! 2 weekends in a row ....away visiting friends! spontaneous and fun! just getting out of the house was the tricky part....clean the house, do the laundry, pack the bags, have the kids pack their bags, clear out the car, pack the car and the bikes, walk the dogs, call for dog sitter, clear dishes from the sink, ........and away we go! oh we're running so late...hope we catch the ferry! wait...hope we have enough gas to get to the boat...NOT....stop for gas .....just long enough to miss the boat!

on the way home, the same! last weekend, it was all for 24 hours...just cuz we weren't prepared to move on the spontaneity like we used to....somehow that has gotten way more complicated.

life is simpler and way more complicated all at the same time? how is it possible....too tired to, i'll get back tomorrow.

thinking about how to get my blog to be as creative as i dream it to be! i have big dreams.

i really want to share stories....and pictures and lots of the creative parts of my days that make me happy...i want to share....but i have to find out how.....

i love, there should be inspire.

i love,....

i love crafts with purpose, not just "lovin' hands of home" like my mother called the tacky stuff....

hopefully, this will turn into a place to foster creativity....

otherwise, it will be a place to commit me to an a.d.d. therapy program for life....i think it's too late for that.....but, if i let the a.d.d. rip, this is a blog that may not be too boring!

i do hope to figure this and white and just little mary mix up stories just aren't enough....i want to share lots!

hope you 'll like it and as i grow, hope you'll help me to learn! photos will randomly appear...layout, hopefully, will change....colors will get more interesting....readers will enjoy this as much as i do !

this is a very exciting start to some creativity in a new direction...this is me trying to stick with it! even if it's just for me! creating is what makes me happy!

see you soon and hope it will be a place where we'll get to share fun and stories and creations of all kinds!!!

and away we go!