Friday, April 1, 2011

The Whiner's

Remember them? Some days I think it would be nice to whine or just complain. Complain about anything. Or better yet...everything. Sometimes living with teenagers, I hear so many random complaints, it seems ironic that Biff and I do our best to make the best of each day...the good, the bad and the ugly.

I'm tired. I'm sick of doing everything for everybody. I don't like rudeness. I'm bothered by people who are grossly closed minded, judgemental and have a deep seated need to feel superior. I'm annoyed by insincerity and phoney baloney folks...posers. I get tired of being the first one to reach out. Some people bother me when they pretend that their life (kids, husband, dogs, cats, childhood, job...) is perfect.

I would love to be a "Debbie Downer" or "Wendy Whiner" or "Patty Poser" or "Katie Complainer" for awhile. Wouldn't it be fun? Probably for an hour. After that, I think it would get old. And tiring. Maybe an hour would be too long. Writing about all of this negativity is draining.

I'm exhausted from finding fault with everyone and everything around me. Funny...did you ever notice the complainers and downers never think it has anything to do with them? I think life works better for me if I don't look to blame others. It feels better when I'm accountable. Whining is exhausting. I'm already sick of it!

Gift Card Central

It's Friday afternoon. Apparently we are in the hottest spot in town. As I wait for Grace to select something fun from this trendy little shop, I see mother/daughter duos galore. Grace is here to spend while considering buying a gift card for another sweet 16 birthday party. Cha ching. Cha Ching. Cha Ching.

So many gift cards, so much fun to spend them! Teen girls of every team, clique and friendly group come and go in minutes. Like a drive through window, currency is exchanged and the customer is off and running with a smile. Like the convenience and safety of the known entity on a fast food menu, a gift card from this small town, teen trendy store is a safe bet. Grace was there to cash her birthday cards in and stroll out with the shopping bags.

We walked out the door and followed the gift trail to the silver store....where we found some of the same mother daughter combos. Here is the alternative, more traditional personalized gift. That's my heaven. Sterling silver, engraved sterling silver charms or signet rings....heaven.

Another gold mine....silver in this case. This is my drive through shopping preference. The owner greets us with a big hello! She's been there for us for every occasion. She's lived through our birthdays, graduations, special occasions, Mother's Day gift from our kids, Godchildren, communions....and more. She knows our names and the names of our kids. She knows our stories. That's why we shop there. I'm so happy my girl likes to go the traditional gift route! It's more fun for me. Trendy, lesser quality doesn't do it for me quite so much. And the store owner who takes my business for granted...not so much. Just sayin'.