Sunday, November 7, 2010

White with a hint of blue....and the ceiling with the palest a summer porch.

I painted the vanity, did the top with a mosaic of blue, green and white sea glass....the sink is like clam shell.

Painting the bathroom ....2nd coat...on the ceiling, the walls....and the tile floor!

Daisy on Daylight Savings Time.....loyal and loving all day and all night!

Fitzy at the end of a busy day....

my mom loved these berries on a wreath at Thanksgiving.

Berries on bushes...November beauty and the beach.

To the beach with Daisy and Fitz....they had some romping and rolling on the beach, a swim and a very long walk on. leashes ....just in case.

A morning treat made byr someone else... before walking the dogs.