Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bookstore Date

We've been going on bookstore dates from the very beginning. Biff and I love books. Today was a lazy, rainy day at home until early afternoon. We took some time to get out on our own. Sometimes we just need our own's still a treat. It's not about where or's just time for us to be alone...together. So we spent some time, side by side, in the bookstore. Reading. Sharing. Talking. Just a couple of sweet.

We called the kids and told them to get ready....we all went out for dinner for some family fun together.

Ladies And Gentlemen

Oops! He forgot to open the car door! His parent's jumped! How could you forget. We reminded you of that's earlier. You're supposed to be a gentleman! We all laughed. Awkward moments. Grace glided over to her car as usual.

Pre- Prom Moments

How can it be possible? Our little girl is all dressed up to go to prom. It may not be her prom...her day will be soon enough! The boy invited her about a month ago. He arrived with yellow roses the day he came to ask Grace to the prom....sweet? Yes. Kodak commercial? Yes! Our little girl was asked to the a boy she knows from the winter ski bus.

It's prom day. It's time.

Fancy That!