Monday, April 4, 2011

Rules. Rules. Rules.

There are lessons out there for us everyday...somedays they are more spelled out than others. Today I saw this at Whole Foods. Adults can learn from this too! I do think everyday we can do our best to play nicely with others. Some people or situations may challenge us more than others! If we look to learn something from everyone we meet, rather than judge, we may play with others a little better everyday! It's tricky when we ARE the adults...with only our own conscience for supervision. If we're honest with ourselves, we know when we're playing nicely and when we're not.

Grace walked into the kitchen yesterday, shuffling along as she read her cell phone texts, stopped short, looked up, smiled, shook her head and spoke,"Mimi apologized. Hmm. She texted, Grace I'm sorry. Huh! " Sometimes people surprise us. Hearing the words "I'm sorry" can make us feel better...knowing that we matter enough for an apology. We can be relieved or freed of a huge burden by apologizing. if we grow up...and forgive....our hearts will be lighter and the bonus is that we can play and HAVE FUN like the rules say.