Thursday, February 24, 2011


Quiet Vacation Day

Vacation Chill

Chiliin'. Watching "Top Gear"...T.J. laughs out loud. This morning, he's hangin'...chillin' watching the funny Brits on the crazy car show. Yesterday, T.J. and Biff went to their favorite 0n- track racing tracks, donned their helmets and raced their cars? carts? to beat their own best times. We all love hittin' the gas...while Grace had er big driving day so did the guys. Those race cars are so much fun. Biff had his own birthday party there with lots of friends there! T.J. had his 12th birthday there with lots of friends. Boys will be boys!


Or "chillax" as Grace and T.J say.

Daisy and Boo

A Beautiful Day

Just beautiful! As I look out the window I take note of the kitchen missing....then I pause and wonder I the only one in this house who pushes in a chair? Oh well.

Cottage Style

At least making our bed doesn't have to be perfect! Shabby or Cottage style? I call it comfortable.

Grace And Our Favorite Pizza Man

My hometown...Grace talked about her favorite pizza place. They still remember us when we go back! The "pizza guy" has known us since way before Grace. He has seen our kids grow up...even though we're long distance customers...."How's Boston?"..."How's Connecticut?"...."Here's the girl with the big brown eyes!" Small-town. Hometown. Nice.

Road Trippin' With My Baby!

Grace drove today....2 hours straight...highways. bridges...traffic. Phew! Awesome girl....and driver. Mom or "wheels Gramma" as Biff called her...would be proud. I this k she may have been watching over us today! Phew! Breathe.

Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

Cleaning the Legos in the washing machine seemed like a perfectly genius plan. This was no impulsive thought. Although I may be considered impetuous to some, I also have a compulsive side to me....maybe not a side....a part of a side....a bit of a side...oh alright! ....a tiny tidbit of me that stops to things through. Okay. Maybe not all things. Maybe I could take an extra minute or two to consider the outcome.

That sounds like a plan .....for next time. You see, we have a gazillion Legos in our house. That may be less than the number we had last year at this time ...before the flooded basement.....but a few zillion missing legos can't stop our Lego-mania! It's a numbers game.

Legos in the gazillions take huge amount of little Lego people years to dust and clean the millions of houses, castles, ships and tankers...and even bakeries and beach houses and cars. After our immense Lego collection was reduced by an act of God....and the flood cleanup seemed like a great idea to start fresh. Legos, no longer being an everyday activity, seemed to be crying out for cleaning...maybe it was the little construction men or Harry Potter or the scuba diver or fireman calling seemed like a good idea to wash them.

I thought this over...intermittently....for a few months. I bought that mesh laundry bag with the long drawstring months ago. After doing every piece of laundry in the whole house. it seemed like a good time.

This morning I took on the whole Lego army......or one eighth of the battalion anyway. I poured them frm their organized tubs...into the large mesh laundry bag and tossed them carefully into the Maytag.

Did I know the mesh bag would be speared by a Lego tree or broom or ladder...and rip the mesh holes and end up in a washing machine free-for-all?