Sunday, January 24, 2010

thankfully, i'm used to it!

hi my blog friends!  you might notice that the blog below, "change is good" looks a bit kooky, with multiple print colors in random locations......i didn't mean to "mixup" my colors....i've spent hours trying to figure out what buttons i've pushed to create the crazy color scheme.....i am baffled....biff was called in to aid my technological sneeze.....he can't figure it out either.  my words are the same......apparently, the colors have been changed to protect the innocent.  innocent?  who's innocent? me!  i plead the fifth. i'm innocent, technologically.   i'm learning.  just when i thought i had a handle on this little blog thing, *POOF*, i don't!  i think you'll understand how ''littlemarymixup" came to be.  stuff just happens and thankfully, i'm used to it!