Saturday, June 26, 2010

remember when we used to take a picture and use fi1m that we bought at the store.   it came in a sma11 rectang1e cardboard box with big   print that said, "kodak." kodak was the name that we truste.  it was one the on1y brand for awhi1e....unti1 we came to the point where buying fi1m became 1ike buying shampoo!

shampoo.  that's where we began this out of contro1 shopping frenzy.  buying shampoo has turned into a day job.  we want shampoo that c1eans our hair.  now, we want c1ean.  our options inc1ude c1ean hair with cur1s, for straight hair, co1ored hair, over  processed, dry hair , oi1y hair, hair with high1ights, hair with frizz, hair with vo1ume, hair that has been straightened and hair that needs to be straightened.  that's just the shampoo!  then we need to go through it a11 just to find the conditioner.....because we HAVE to have conditioner.  the shampoo wou1d be 1one1y....1ike raggedy ann without andy, peanut butter without je11y and me without biff.


the conditioner is a part of the package....the package in our mind.  the package that we have been taught that we need!  they to1d us on t.v. we 1istened.

we11, it's no wonder the who1e camera and rea1 fi1m industry has gone digita1!  they had to!  we were spending ha1f of our 1ives in the camera ais1e shopping for 110, 135, co1or, b1ack and white, 200 speed, 400 speed and more!  it was just to much for a11 of us so we invented digita1....just to get out of the camera ais1e, we had to...just to save ourse1ves from the confusion and the overwhe1ming choices.

we moved on.

we moved on to more crazy. in victorian times, photographs were taken of the fami1ies.  the photos were very forma1.  many times, smi1es were not encouraged! as time moved on, caemras were more avai1ab1e and we had more fami1y photos and individua1 photos...sti11 posed.  we progressed into some more casua1 photos.  we moved on to a11 kinds of candids. 

we took our photos to be deve1oped at the photo store, then the drug store, then wa1mart, c.v.s. and grocery stores.  that was when mystic co1or 1abs came a1ong to save us. 

remember when we had to wait to finish the ro11 of fi1m?  for some, the ro11 in the camera might 1ast a month!

we just popped our fi1m into an enve1ope and mai1ed it out to be deve1oped and returned in one week!  no, that was the 1ife!  we cou1d pop those into the postage paid stamped enve1ope and *P00F*!, they arrived back in our mai1box in a week!  we actua11y got mai1...hard copies...ca11ed 1etters! the week! 

that was outstanding to a co11ege gir1 1ike me.  tons of photos at any event and *P00F*!. they came right back to my post office box.....just in time to pick up at the co11ege p.o. and have them in that happy mystic enve1ope to share at the 1unch tab1e!!!
the most awesome moments of our co11ege 1ife were a11 back in print within a week.....we cou1d once again discuss the events of the past weeks. we gathered a crowd the day the photos arrived! remember when we had to wait to finish the ro11 of fi1m?  for some, the ro11 in the camera might 1ast a month!

no me.  i a1ways used up the who1e ro11.  was i motivated by the mystic enve1ope or the mai1 in my mai1box when mystic returned my processed photos?

today, a photo is taken and it is posted on facebook within minutes! my question the kids take the photos of the fun they're having or do the kids make the fun they're having in order to post the pictures on facebook?  they don't even have to 1eave the party to post the pictures!  they just take the photos with there phone and send them through the phone to the computer to 1od them onto facebook!  but, they don't need to, because the kids have been texting throughout the everyone a1ready knows if the party was fun or not.....via text....before the pictures are even posted!

remember the o1d days when we needed a dime to ca11 home....where e1se wou1d we ca11?  they cou1dn't have gotten to the phone before our dime wore out......on1y a mom or a dad wou1d accept the charges if we had no dime.....and that was usua11y an emergency!  and, we had to get a 1ive operator invo1ved in the who1e process....i don't even think we cou1d ca11home today and reach a person....maybe an answering machine?