Thursday, November 11, 2010

a fellow craftsman(woman).......selling beautiful bags and awesome dress up clothes for kids....I ran out to the car to get my tiara. to share for the day.

Note: Every woman should carry her own tiara! One never knows when an occasion for a tiara will pop up at a moments notice! Every woman should have one.....jif only to remember how it feels to be a princess. I think my tiara is perfect for moments when i feel slightly less than princess like.....vacuuming, scrubbing bathtubs or pumping my own gas! Remember .....moms need a tiara most! Our children may forget our primness qualities....a tiara might be just the thing to be a gentle reminder!

Mashpee Post Office failed attempt to mail eBay ...VETERANS DAY!

engaging salesman....

the large monkey's fist for the dog.....a great toy! Dog tested and owner approved!

setting up....

waiting and creating.

Cape Cod Children's Museum.....before the doors open...

number one seller...white sailor's monkey fist.

Another fine seller!

On the cape. Breakfast at one of our favorite spots...Persy's Place.

Thank you to all of the veterans for fighting for our freedom. God bless the men and women who risk their lives today for our country. We pray for their families that they will be safe and that they will be home soon.

Our favorite pizza place...usually by boat.... Marc Anthony's in Onset ...near the Cape Cod Canal.
Christmas Lights already up! Boston Bruins on TV.

Woods walk to tire out the pooches.

Fitz watching Daisy bolt through the woods in pursuit of deer or other delightful scent!

Good sniffing.

Trails...marked.....look from a distance like a cartoon ghost seems to be shouting "BOO!" ......maybe I should get glasses. Even with glasses I would think "in cartoon."