Friday, January 28, 2011


Pink will make it okay...won't it? With a lime green pinstripe. You know, something subtle. Flashy just wouldn't work for a mimivan mama on the go. Speaking of go.... I have been going and doing all week...for the birthday girl. Sweet 16. Our baby! Tonight the festivities begin .....again.

Plowed out by a pro

Back hoe Bob does it again!

Minivan Mama!

Car in shop....birthday frenzy....lots of sweet 16 friends for food and fun.....what's a mom to do? Rent a snazzy minivan! Oxymoron....I think so. Yet, I'm practically on line to get one for me! Come on! I can fit, dogs, cats, skis, ebay, groceries, beach toys, friends, babies, arts and crafts, gardening supplies........and much more. Look at the room in this thing! I'm drivimg a school bus.....and I'm loving it! Who EVER will believe me? Who? AND I'm not even kidding! It's awesome! Uh oh.....there goes the neighborhood. Do you think they have them in piink?