Thursday, September 23, 2010

All that matters

I spent some time writing this morning.  I spent time doing e-mails, paying bills, filling in appointments on my calendar and that's when I read the e-mail that made me stop.  I felt like time had stopped.  Our family friend Katie is sick.  She's 26 and has lived with the miserable beast of cancer since high school.  Katie is in the hospital again this week.  She has fought this stinking disease and held her own throughout.  Today Katie is tired. She's feeling weak and only wanting life to be the life she once knew.

Katie is like a niece to me.  I've known her forever...or at least since she was born.  She is a wonderful girl with so many many to name.  Beautiful.  Katie is beautiful inside and out.  Our families have been friends for over 50 years now.  There are friendships in every generation.  We've lived alongside each others families and shared the ups and downs and mostly joys and many sorrows. We're all Irish.  The lilt of Irish laughter comes to mind when I think of spending time with our families.  Fun.  Just plain old fashioned fun.  And love.  Lots of love.  That's how we've spent our time....loving the families...loveing the children who have come into our world....loving new family and husbands and wives and sharing the joy.  Lots and lots of joy.  For each bit of good news that comes along.  For each baby.  For each wedding.  And many firsts.  And many lasts.

Family and friends are all that we get from this life.  Yes...material things may fill us....only temporarily for me.  The stuff just never seems to be enough.  The only thing that can truly fill me is the love of friends and family....and their support. We need to send our love to Katie now.  We need to send our love and support to Katie's mom and dad, 2 brothers and her sister....and oodles of other family members and friends.  That's all that matters now.  Katie.  And our loving thoughts for Katie...a sweet, sweet girl.