Tuesday, March 22, 2011

#7. Makes me laugh...The plastic owl that had everyone calling us about "the rare owl in your tree"

#8. Makes me happy....Sounds of sailboat mast chimes.

#9. Makes me happy....Bunnies in the garden.

#10. Makes me happy... Daisy playing in the yard, teasing Fitz.

#1. Makes me happy....daylillies to follow.

#2. Makes me happy... Swing in the spring.

#3. Makes me happy....Textures & colors.

#4. Makes me happy...Natural stone path.

#5. Makes me happy...Magical colored stones.

#6. Makes me happy...Found bricks washed up on the beach.


Dog walks..I like different venues...trails, boardwalks, along the shoreline, farms and the road. Variety is good. So is routine.

Today this sign didn't deter me. After all, this is MY place, OUR place to walk. Daisy, Fitzy and me. I drove right through the half open gate.

That's when I noticed the "Animal Control" van....in my rearview mirror. I had 2 dogs in the car.

We all jumped out of the car for our walk. Animal Control Woman stopped me to inform me the gate was closed. But it was HALF open. She considered that for a minute....and let us go on our way. I guess she's a glass is half full kinda gal.

Scrub a Dub Dub

Finally...I had the energy for a shower. Happy to have a leisurely shower, I was less than thrilled to realize that the soap dish was almost BARE! So was I. Spare yourself the visual. It was a challenge with the soap slip sliding away (this is where you hum the Paul Simon song)......I made the best of it and sang "Tiny Bubbles"....and believe me, they were TINY bubbles.

Daisy Dreaming That I'll Get Up.....

Maybe Just Another Minute....

Soon. I Will Get Up. I Will Get Up.

Wait! The million dollar coffee machine isn't working. I won't get up.

Same Cold, Different Couch

Must get up. Must get up. Woke up Grace and T.J. Made lunches. Waved goodbye as they plodded onto the bus. Daisy and I...alone.....ooh my head is stuffy.....I'll just rest here a minute.

Must get up. Must get up. Must get OOPS! There's a kitten on my chest. One more being who needs lovin'. Maybe I'll get up in a minute.