Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Indian summer day for the dogs

Fall...Indian summer in Connecticut

Today in Connecticut

Fall walking

Indian summer day for the dogs

Today in Connecticut

Fall...Indian summer in Connecticut


Halloween.  Buy candy. Check. Why do I do that to myself? Every year it's the same.  Candy. I'm out shopping in mid October. I see the Halloween displays everywhere. I am absolutely horrified that these stores are beginning holidays earlier and earlier. I don't remember when I first saw Halloween in the stores this year. Who knows? When we were on the cape? Not so crazy.  Yet, somewhere in that mid October moment I think.....better get it now. 

Why. I know that before the end of the week I will dip in....just for a treat.  I don't even keep this kind of stuff in the house.  So, if I buy it early I know to hide it.  But isn't that ironic....I am the one hiding it.  Yup.  I hide it well. I also remember where it is....within moments I'm crinkling the bag and opening it even if it takes teeth.  I'm not proud.  By this point, I have to have it. I'm like Fitzy.  I would scale tall buildings to get to it.  I may not invade neighbors' barbeques like Fitzy but I get at that candy. Did I mention that I buy the kind that I like but would never justify buying otherwise.

Well, this year the plan was right on target. Candy. Check. Hide. Forgot where....very unusual.  How have I come up with it now?  The week before Halloween?  I put all of the candy, still in grocery bags, in the garage.

I was outside the other day with the doggies. Fitzy is now on a very long training leash.  Hah? Training? Surely we jest.  I was organizing (don't laugh...I need encouragement, not mockery!) some of our garage obstacle course.  While in up to my elbows, I turned when I heard a rustling of plastic.  

I dropped my Rubbermaid tub.  I ran. It was Fitzy, snoot first in the tub filled with Halloween goodies. I pulled her back. I scolded her.  "NO," I barked. "LEAVE IT!" 

The good news.  Fitz didn't get to all of it.  There was more for me.  I didn't have to rip the bag open with my teeth! Oh....I did have a few Hershey's kisses....and took one out for later.  

Political speak

This political speak makes me laugh...this has absolutely nothing to do with the my political opinions, likes or bias. This is fabulous political speak. I fills my love of linguistics and semantics. It's fun to close your eyes and just hear the words on there own.  We laugh out loud when this ad comes on...the whole family laughing....it's worth it!

By the way,  I think this is a clever tool for discussing politics, communication, lying by ommission with kids.....it gets everyone thinking.  This debate has given our family many opportunities for learning!!!


"Fear not those who argue but dodge" -Marie von Ebner Eschenbach

This made me laugh...especially while we are living through so many political debates these days.
In Connecticut, there is and advertisement that speaks to us. In this case, it is audio playing from a debate of the 2 candidates just days earlier. I have to share. Not because of my political views, but the reality of politics....it all sounds the same at this pre-election time of year. Pay no attention to Republican vs. Democrat, Woman vs. man or the issues. Just hear what I hear at the end of every voting season.....this ad says it all...generic political speak that we all must endure!