Monday, February 14, 2011

Thank You!

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For Biff...


Love. I love the flowers! I just love those shoes! We love the cape. We love sailing. I love the new color in the dining room. I love my blog. "Love" is one of those words we use frequently througout the day. Our priest reminded us of that on our wedding day.

I think of Fr. Bill Costello almost every time I use the word casually.

I say "I love you" to Grace, T.J. and Biff freely as we hang up the phone during the day.

I say it to lots of long distance friends, to family as I say my goodbyes on the phone too. 

Even my brothers....those big Irishmen who have been in my life for my whole life (obviously!) They may not show it outwardly but they show it in other very simple ways. For example, one sent me a text with a very old family photo. He's a long distance brother and we don't speak often BUT when he does something loving or thoughtful, just letting me know he's thinking of me.....that's love...that would be considered effusive! I'll take it. I will be happy that he thought to keep in a 2011 way. I'll take it! 

My other brother shows his love in other ways. He's always looked out for me.....for as long as I can remember. Even in December.....he knew I drove into the city with Grace to see his daughter. Later that night, he called to make sure my car hadnt been towed! Why? Because my niece happened to mention that I parked on Fifth Avenue.....upper 5th Avenue....for free! I loved in New York City. I grew up going to the city. I worked in the city. Yet, he calls. To make sure I'm safe! I'm how old now? Everyone shows it in different ways. 

Love is a gift. I say "I love you" to Grace, T.J. and Biff throughout the day. Is that too much? I say I love you to some old friends on the phone as we say goodbye on the phone. I say "I love you" to family. Is it too much? Not for me. If I mean it....why not?