Friday, February 11, 2011


Fitz always finds something to sleep on that belongs to one of us. Today, she has chosen a black neoprene boot by the back door. Can you see her sweet face? She just wants to love and she oves to be loved.

When she needs to settle down. she finds comfort laying on our stuff, next to our stuff. She wants our food too and if I leave the room for one minute she laps up my coffee...she has just finished a full box of Starbucks Hot Cocoa ......she had some crazy times with the sugar/chocolate rush. Good thing she's cute. 

Who Ever Thought?'s really because I'm a know, the lion. OR lioness in my case. King of the jungle, queen of the jungle...either way I look at the Leo's I know and yours truly, being treated like royalty is something that is comfortable to us.

Goddess? That's just fine with me! Shouldn't we all feel like a goddess once in awhile. Women today work really work, at home and everywhere. Just alone, the scheduling and coordinating of any woman I know is a full time job. 

All of us need our Goddess moment in the sun. We all need some light maintenance...just a do something to take care of ourselves...something above and beyond our everyday care.

A friend told me about these "everything old is new again" curlers. They're Velcro. I risked the outrageous look that freaked out our children...and oh yes, Biff too!

It's worth it. The Velcro curlers work like magic! They gave me a sort of Goldilocks look. They gave my hair "the bounce of a beach ball!" .... as my "Splash" shampoo ad campaign for my advertising class promised.

My curls were not giant...they were bouncy and the photo at the end of the day, they mellowed. My hair still felt a touch prettier than the generic rush rush rush blow dry I manage to squeeze into my morning schedule. 

I feel better. That's a nice feeling for any lioness and her mane! It takes so little to give ourselves a little boost. When our children ask me where I'm going and why is my hair done so nicely, I have to take the hint...I deserve to take some time for myself more often. Not accomplishing things on a list.....just taking time to do something that makes me feel more like me....when I was single and just had me think take care spend money on.

Some things that put "the me back in me":

1. Manicure/ pedicure
2. Haircut / blow dry
3. Lunch with girlfriends
4. Massage
5. A leisurely shower
6. Going to a museum to see a collection that I love
7. A nap ...for the relaxation not because of exhaustion
8. Exercise class (currently Zumba)
9. Paint or create something beautiful
10. A whole day to myself....with my own agenda

What do you do to take care of you? Everyday? Once a week? Never? Something to think about. I've also learned it's good to teach our children to listen to their and care and quiet are good for us all.