Friday, August 27, 2010

If you want to make God laugh, just tell him your plans....I think that's how the saying goes.  Since we've been home from the cape that's how our lives have been.  As we say, quoting Seinfeld, "Not that there's anything wrong with that!"

We arrived home Saturday night. Sunday we never got the boat back down to the beach. It was pretty windy and rainy.  Lightning and sailboat masts don't play well together. We took care of things around the home that we had been away from....the animals we missed....and the cozy of a dark day.  It was a great day to make our transition.

Monday I can't remember.  It was seeing their friends and loving their home and back to school shopping for some wardrobe basics and school supplies. Whoosh....a blur.

Tuesday I can't remember.  It was busy.  Oh! I had my doctor's appointment, got home and took Grace and T.J. to their doctor's appointment.  We began our trip to the store for an errand when Grace realized it was time for her hair appointment.  Later, we tried to go to IKEA as a family Kara, Grace's good friend that we love.  IKEA was closed when we arrived at the doors.  People were standing at the doors....stunned and confused.  We were among them.  We began our drive home.  Grace was begging for another stop to take care of another back to school purchase.  No. No. No.  We couldn't handle it.

Then, we accomplished the famous annual sneaker purchase.  I was releived to have Biff with me for multiple consultations.

Since we had planned to have one of IKEA's famous hot dog and drink followed by the frozen yogurt, we were starving.  We stopped to have dinner at the diner.  Quite a stretch from our little IKEA plans. BUT our kids had sneakers.  We all had lots of laughs in the car going and coming and sitting in the diner.

Wednesday Biff had a quick overnight to Boston.  After that, I can't remember what happened. We had more to accomplish in our home.  We had lots of errands.

Wednesday I can't remember but I do have a vague memory of cooking a pretty nice dinner for T.J., Grace and I.

Thursday I can barely remember.  Grace, T.J. and I got the sailboat down to the beach and got the mast in and set in place.....Grace and T.J. were charming together.....but, they got the job done.  I did get to walk the dogs at the beach with a friend and her happy dog. Biff arrived home.We had a nice dinner. We went to say goodbye to a family friend who was leaving for college.  We spent time with the family but not the college freshman to be.....even his mom and dad were surprised by the change of plans.  They had hoped for their first son to be home for a "family dinner" and a little goodbye gathering.  The freshman to be was visiting friends who were off to other schools.  We had a delightful time and left messages on the white board.

Friday I can barely remember.  A whirlwind.  T.J. had high school orientation while Grace volunteered as a sophomore giving tours to the incoming freshman.  I delivered kids in different directions and began my plans for dinner at the beach on this gorgeous day with not a cloud in the blue sky.  Biff called my cell phone.  He was excited to be on his way home and reminded me of the concert tickets he suprised me with last weekend.  Surprised again, I forgot all about the concert.  Jackson Browne.  Dinner at the beach was not an option. Beach was not an option.

I do remember mailing lots of littlemarymixup e-bay store this week.  Biff had 2 pair of wonderful needlepoint shoes in his car....since the cape.  Since he had them, Biff mailed them out for me.  No sooner were they in the mail to California when I found that the wrong pair of needlepoint shoes were on their way cross country!  oops.

We have planned all summer to go with our cape friends to a local quarry that they've turned into a wonderful action packed adventure venue.  At 6 p.m. tonight, we made the decision to do it another time.  Our good friends invited us back to the cape for the weekend!  T.J. made other plans with some summer friends who are only here for another week.  Grace would love to go.  Biff and I would love to go.

Tonight, on the way to Jackson Browne, we realized our planning must come to a halt.  We need to just be.  One more time to the cape is so enticing.  I mowed the front lawn this week....I ran out of gas half way through.  I filled the tank.  I brought it home......I still have to mow the rest.  We have life to catch up on.  Even if it's just the back yard.  And the laundry. And the dogs getting brushed..  I did wash them.  They smell lovely but they have bed head.  

Our vacuum has no bags....has anyone seen Eureka OX bags....mail them to us please....we can't track them down.  Lots of sand on the kitchen floor.   Dog fur.  We're sliding down a slippery slope......planning doesn't seem to be the answer....plans change.

Can we ever catch up on life?  Should we try.  Should we be like the family who sold everything, left their jobs and busy-ness, packed up 100 things and moved to Portland, they could live in close proximity to their new jobs, ride bikes to work and live with less and have more........Biff and I thought about that tonight as we drove home listening to Jackson Browne sing, "oh won't you stay just a little bit longer.....please, please, please say you'll stay"

we have to stay.  our plans will change before we find our 100 things.

Seinfeld- Jerry and George NOT THAT THERE'S ANYTHING WRONG WITH of our favorite seinfeld quotes.