Friday, March 4, 2011

The Teenage Playground

Random mall people

Malled Again!

At the mall. People watching at a faraway mall with 4 teenage girls. The drive here and home is why I make the trip. Malls are not my thing. So un-American of seems to be the new American pastime. As though all is well at the mall. I'm not sure why. It seems to make us want more....clothes, shoes, jewery, food, coffee, gelato, Mickey Mouse....everything. Thankfully, the girls are having fun. Thankfully, I'm sitting in the mall's pre-fab living room....people watching. Young, old, strollers, crying overtired toddlers, teen girls flirting with teen boys, odd couples, grandmas and grandpas and so many more. I like the drive....listening to these cute girls and the excited 16 year old chatter about school, boys, teachers, parents, brothers, sisters and between cranking the radio and singing at the top of their lungs, giggling and laughing hysterically. Thankfully, in the midst of this crazy changing world, some things remain the same! It's worth the trip!