Sunday, June 6, 2010

a whirlwind of a weekend.  i am so tired.  i need sleep.  i've been working on e-bay.....lots to keep me  busy. i have so much to list and no time to do it.  i just dropped an "s.d. card" with all of the pictures from my camera.  i had it in my hand and then it was missing.

i spent hours taking the photos. i have been praying to saint anthony.  does everybody know saint anthony?  he has usually been the guy to help me out when something goes missing.  from car keys to diamonds....

what? you say!  yes, diamonds...but not from biff!  the "booby prize" diamonds from the guy biff will love forever!  biff loves the guy who gave me my "booby prize"....that  was the term my mom gave those diamonds from ol' watzizname.  patti and david were there the night ol' watzizname gave them to romantic moment there!  just gave them.  splat. on the table. for me?  yes. for you. oh. thank you. they're beautiful. oh they are the finest. oh. how come you are late again?  did i mention that i never really cared that much about diamonds?  not so much.

somehow those diamonds won't leave me.  i have lost them in the pool. my niece claire found them in the 5 feet.  my mom was robbed. i was living at home at the time.  guess what?  all of my mom's and grandma's tiffany jewelry was stolen...just the gold stuff.....not my diamond earrings! 

there were people who thought it was great that i got so much "stuff."  after dating someone who cared so much about giving the stuff so that he could show off that he bought me the stuff!  somehow, the stuff didn't matter.  in the end, he taught me a great lesson, all of the stuff in the world didn't matter.  it was the love that mattered.  and *POOF* he was gone!  that was my best break up ever! 

biff loves ol' watzizmame.  precisely because he gave me the diamonds!   since watzizname gave me th diamond earrings and necklace, biff would never have to get me any.  he liked the way the diamonds looked. biff still loves watzizmname,because after him, my mom thought that biff was the saint! 

oh1 speaking of saints, i need everyone to send out a little prayer/wish/whisper/gesture/thought to ask him to please help me find the s.d. card that has hours of my work on it.....i need sleep.  i hope st. anthony helps me out while i sleep.  otherwise, i have to do it over store needs to have new merchandise listed!  please st. anthony....i never even had to ask for the watzizname diamonds.  they just keep reappearing.  I just want to get some of the great merchandise out on e-bay......
coach, vera bradley, j.crew, ralph lauren, lilly and more.....i have to get started!  first, i need sleep.  g'nite.

one more time....please saint me find my s.d. card!  i've believed in you since i was four....and you helped me find my little bunny rabbit pocketbook!  i'm still grateful!
twice today....i wrote stories on my blog and *POOF* it was gone!  i shouted, "BIFF!"  i was shocked. it was gone. just like that.  i had posted pictures.  quite a few.  *POOF* it was off into cyberspace. no fun. 

i tried again later.  my story took a different direction.  i had some little tidbits that occurred over the last week....and just like that....*POOF* again!

could this be a cruel joke?  doubt it.  could it discourage me....maybe, but probably not.  i'm pretty used to having the *POOFS* occur in life.  it's the *POOFS* of life that can make or break us.  some are littl blips on the screen of life.  believe me, in the grand scheme of things, a losing a littlemarymixup story won't send anyone over the edge....even if it was the greatest story ever told, i'd be hard pressed to get upset.

wait!  i don't mean to say that i don't jump up and shout,"YIKES!"....pretty frustrating for me to feel like the computer just swallowed everything and won't spit it out....ever!  but, it's a blog. it's not stopping the b.p. oil spill! 

hopefully, those guys are taking that a little more intensely than i felt while my blogomamma went out the window.

that's when i think.....that was meant to be.  i believe in, "what's meant to be is meant to be"....after doing my best.  sometimes, there are no coincidences. 
what a beautiful walk biff and i had with the dogs yesterday evening! it was truly awesome.  the balmy breeze down on the beach was lovely, the peaceful sounds of sea gulls above and sand pipers along the shoreline  and the colors of the beach grasses and the sky were spectacular!  

our walk was wonderful.  the dogs are happy at anytime to get a walk at the beach and so am i.  biff and i enjoy where we live.  we really do.  
after most of the summer on the cape with friends, we come home and we live in a place that people visit for vacation!  a blessing for all of us....we know that and we appreciate that!

in the woods with the dogs, in town with the dogs or on the beach with the is good!  we have always loved to get out and explore.  the dogs help us to explore more places....sometimes more than we bargain people's backyards, garages and cars!  

the beach i have in the photos above is one of our favorites...with the dogs.  they are free to run.  there are no houses.  it's a little peninsula.  with fitz that means unless she swims away from us, she won't leave us.  sadly or happily, she is a golden who hasn't mastered her swimming classes yet!
we walked and talked and laughed at the dogs...and as always, we laughed at ourselves.  it's always such fun for us to have the little moments together. although, we would love to get more moments....maybe longer moments... as in moments with just the 2 of us at a wonderful location!  

have i let my mind wander?  oh! we are just happy to get any time alone together!  we still have fun.....we still love each other....and better yet, we still love each other!  best of all, we still make each other laugh.

ahhhhh romance!  gotta love those moments.  they do matter.  it's like recharging a phone for a good connection...we need a charge too.
in no time, we were back. .... to reality. we saw lightning and heard some thunder.  we took our sweet, smelly, set dogs to the car and let them jump in...thankfully we had the newly cleaned mats in.  we called the kids to say we'd be home.  we decided to make a quick stop at stop and shop.

ahhh romance! that's when we know that we're living on the edge!  woohoo!  livin' and lovin' in aisle 7, peanut butter!  we thought we would get a movie and ended up with the week's groceries.  i have to admit, we had a lot of fun!  we had done so much during the day, we were sure we wanted to stay in with a movie...but stop and shop!  that was a bonus date!

and what did we is's barbeque season...even though we love barbeque all day long.....this is the fun part!

and who could resist?
sunday morning. quiet. sitting with my coffee. daisy and fitzy sleeping by my side. sounds of summer.  happy the kitten, sleeping on the chair. jinx, the black kitty pads by.   an occasional car driving by, the leaves on the trees as a slight wind blows them.  then, the breeze through the house, with the windows open. a cacaphony of sweet chirping and tweeting. quiet.

and then...DROID.D.D.....that's my new phone. finally, after all of the hand me downs. you remember the pink one.  there was the black one,   that landed in a cup of coffee that was carefully placed in the car's  cup holder.....ironically on the way to the beach, where my phones usually meet their demise.  oh! let's not forget about the hand me down phone that was from t.j.! that was aptly named "the magic phone"....because it had survived 3 months outside under the leaves, rain, cold, even lawn mowing the day we found it.  

we brought that phone in, tried c.p.r., but settled with inserting the phone into a bag of rice overnight, then baking it in the oven at 225 for 10 minutes and waiting with bated breath to see if it would survive.  it did.  hence, the name. 

there were others.  others with less dramatic endings.  like, water damage.  i used to have hope for the water damaged phones.  like a trip to the emergency room,we would take the phone up to the verizon store, sit and wait for our name to be called, tell our traumatic experience to the attending on duty......and hope....with everything we had.  we would plead. we would blurt out how we had cared for the phone,  we anxiously await their response.  we were desperate.  we wanted the phones to hang on until our next free a month...even two weeks. sadly, we would note the expression of the attending.  keep trying, we would beg.  that's when we always heard the same response.  with a cold and distant look in their eyes, they would calmly state, "water damage."  if we tried to plea our case, they would repeat again and again, "water damage."  that was all.  the end.  nothing would change.  "water damage" was the end.  final answer. do not pass go, do not collect $200., dead end, The End.

now, i have the phone with internet.  it helps me stay connected to my e-bay....allowing updates.  it will help me on the cape. i will be able to have access to all of my important, i can continue my business while away!  very cool.

one thing about my free may offer me everything i need.  it may send me to the moon.  it may get me a cup of coffee.  but, it's tough.  biff made sure that i got the bullet proof casing. oh sure, they had the hot pink cover....the one i wanted.  but, no. the family didn't think i could handle that.  they insisted.  i had to have the big and clunky, bullet proof, secret service model.  uggghhhh.   not as cute.  it certainly doesn't have the look of my barbie set.  the phone, the little laptop or my cute camera.

and, in a moment of peaceful bliss, it drones on, "DROID" i'm on the moon and the robot is calling.  i love the droid.  i love what it does for me.  it is amazing how the world keeps advancing in technology.

we can send a man to the moon...but, why can't my droid just leave me alone....when i'm having my quiet time?