Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mellow Yellow

Forsythia ...another sign that Spring is in the air. Today's rain and gray skies make us all want to crawl under the covers.....all except the dogs. In between being nestled in their cozy dog beds, they're begging to be outdoors. I've just taken them far enough for us to get soaked...and back indoors.

Grace and friend are at the library this afternoon. T.J.'s lacrosse practice has been cancelled and he's at a friend's house. Biff has dinner with a customer. I'm going to hear the author of SMASHED at our bookstore. Somedays are like this.

Poison Ivy?

Really. For all of my joyous singing about spring, this is what I get? Pardon me while I myself. Itch. Scratch. Scratch. Itch. Itch. Scratch. All of this because of one darling daffodil that got me outdoors! Somehow that perky little yellow charmer now looks like a dastardly devil daffodil. How quickly things change. Itch. Scratch. Scratch. Scratch. Itch.

"I'm Awake"

After turning on the lights, a few gentle calls to wake Grace and T.J. on this damp, dreary morning I plodded down the stairs, headed for the temperature controls and cranked up some heat. Making lunch was next... followed by a follow up wake up, hurry up call. I heard rustling in T.J's room. Check. "Grace...are you up?" "I'm awake!" ...the words were all too familiar as I flashed back to my high school mornings. I followed that voice.....Grace was under the covers when my urgent plea shocked her from slumber. One thing for sure , you can't pull the wool over my eyes... or the covers! I've been there, done that! The world has come a long way but some things never change.