Thursday, March 24, 2011


I picked T.J up from school today. When we walked in the door, I passed by my quilted pink bag. T.J. called me back. He asked me to go out the door and walk in again...slowly. There was Boo!........ Peekaboo! Boo!.......he has definitely lived up to his name!

Trying New Things

Change is good. Change keeps us energized. It's scary too. Depending on the change Painting a room is terrifying for some of us while for others the thinking is ...It's only a can of paint, it can always be repainted!

No matter what kind of can be a challenge for us to move forward. Some of us like to dive right into the pool while others ease in a little at a time.

Me? Sometimes I jump right in and sometimes I over-think the possibilities and I'm afraid.

"The swing" photo above is from this afternoon. This morning, "The swing" below was taken this morning. I'm so happy that the snow has melted! I love the change of seasons....Spring is newness and change and rebirth! That's exciting!

Try something new....

Just Tell God Your Plans

If you want to make Him laugh. Snow. I was thinking of pansies. They are o.k. to put out in our planters...they say IF we cover them at night. Not now. Not planning to do this for awhile. Tell God to hold the laughter ....I'm just not ready to tuck in my plants at night. They'll probably call to me for a glass of water.

Say This 3 Times Fast

Snow boat. Snow boat. Snow boat