Thursday, March 17, 2011

Driving Miss Daisy

Off on our own. Quality time for Daisy and I. One errand and we'd be off to the beach. No leash hassles as we have with Fitz.
I imagined Daisy was as thrilled as I was .......
That's when my cell phone rang. Guess who? One guess.

Fitz For A Day

A friend was loving Daisy and Fitz. The dogs were out and about with me. We bumped into a friend. She said she wished she could take one home. She's in love with our dogs. They love her. My friend was missing her big old black lab. Kidding, I asked if she wanted to take Fitz for the day. Rental pup?

Yes! And Fitz was in the car, sniffing and licking up crumbs from Starbucks.

Ann said she would put her convertible top down for Fitz.
NO. She'll probably jump out.

Why are you tying her leash to the headrest?
You'll see.

Oh. She can sit in the front.
Not a good idea. She will want to sit on your lap.

I asked Ann how well her little dog would feel about Fitz.
Great she said.

I waved goodbye. I was sad to see Fitz so eager to go off with someone else. Sweet puppy had already lives with 3 families in her first year. We tease that we could give her to an unsuspecting person...who falls in love with her Teddy bear face and big brown eyes. Kind of like the bait and switch we experienced.

I skipped alongside Daisy back to the car!

Road Trip Fitz

Lucky Charms

Lucky? Charm? Go figure.

Fitz ate these too. Yes....I left these in the car too. To hide them until breakfast.... for St.Patrick's Day. Junk food cereal. You bet. Just for today..for fun. Fitz apparently didn't know the date!


Fitz? Me? Daisy?

Fitz ate the whole bag of Dum Dum Lollipops.
I left the lollipops in the car.
I bought them for St. Patrick's put green lollipops in the kids' lunches.
I left Fitz in the back of the car.
Daisy missed out because of her good manners.

Top o' The Mornin' to Ye!

St. Patrick's Day and Murphy's Law!

Not Kidding. 

Biff is not home today. He had to go out of town for the night. He won't be home 'til much later.Whenever Biff is out of town, one of our kitties brings home a present to let me know he is the hunter, gatherer and great protector. I'm not making this up. It's been happening for years.Our kitties and doggies are very protective. The fish, not so much. 

Today, the kitty found a mouse. Usually, it's at the back door. This is enough to send me screaming out the front door. It's not only the mouse, mole or's the fact that once I take the dogs out, they will want to retrieve. Which creates a stream of events and shrieking throughout the day! 
This morning...before 6:30a.m., I heard T.J. He said, "Mom...the cat has a mouse." Oh, again. He always does this when Dad's out. Where is it?

"That's the problem," he said in a rather calm voice. Huh? SHRIEK! The kitty had it in his mouth...IN the house!!!!!!

Chaos and squealing occurred. T.J. was more shocked by me than the mouse in the house issue. We both paused a moment to laugh at....well, me. Then we were off. To chase the cat. Who had the mouse. In the house. Daisy was on the go with us. We had all kinds of trapping devices......

All before taking T.J. out the door to school! WAKE UP!

Always, we take the good with the bad. Sadly, Grace has a fever today. A bad cough. She is in a deep, deep sleep. Thankfully. To get better, I think sleep is good.  Today, I'm sorry she is not feeling well. Today, I was delighted to have her tucked away in bed. I think it may have been just a bit more chaotic. Perhaps, more shrieking. I hink she may have threatened to move.