Friday, May 6, 2011

One More For The Road

So Sweet!

More. You see, I was distracted. I took out a bunch of the candy I had hidden a hefty bag...put it down...went back into the house.....and who even knows what she ate... I'm sure Daisy joined in the festivities. I think Daisy has figured out, while the cat's away, the dogs will play....and if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

Fitzy Goes Frat Party

It looked like the day after. Containers strewn everywhere, wrappers, chunks of plastic....hangover.

Dum Dums

Mmmmhmmmm. Fitzy's got a sweet tooth. Or a sweet nose. I'll admit it's my fault. In the midst of tossing out hidden candy...from Easter and Grace's birthday (o.k. I know sometimes I forget that I hide things...until I've found them! In my world, everyday is Christmas morning!)
I hid the candy from us...the people in our family. We had way too much. I also have to hide food/candy way up guessed it...because of Fitz.

We act like it's normal. Friends see us grab a kitchen chair, slide it over to the pantry and tuck food/candy/gum up high. We don't even notice anymore.

Don't tell Grace or T.J. ....shhhh...yesterday, Grace and I bought some cider donuts at the farm along with lots of other groceries....we got home, lugged in most of the groceries but somehow the donuts got left behind. Later,Biff had Daisy and Fitz jump in the car.....Fitzy lunged for the plastic donut container, somehow gulped down a bite or 2, Biff threw himself into the rear of the car and squished between the 2nd row passenger seats!(*please take a moment to get the visual...imagine gutteral sounds coming out of my husband while foisting his whole body after our 4 legged beast, who had a mouthful...Biff clamped his handsome her snoot, shook out the robbed, slobbery wet chunks of donut while barking out orders, NO%#@ DROP IT #*+NO**# NO@%+) As Biff worked his angle, I swung ooen the door, swooped into the back seat and grabbed the donut magnet. Phew!

At first, I admit I panicked. These farm donuts are coveted in our home...I knew word would be out that donuts were in the house. Thinking on my feet...maybe a bit of sweat on my brow...after taming the beast who had made quite a donut dent, I placed them back in their plastic container...after cutting off the chunks that our four legged friend had eaten....I cut them all into halves.

Fact1. Kids would blame me if Fitz ate their share of donuts
Fact 2. Kids would blame Fitzy
Fact 3. kids would tell me it's because I didn't train her well

Grace came into the kitchen for milk and a donut. She opened up the container and said in a rather cheery tone,"oh! I like that you cut them like this!" phew! Take credit where credit is due! Shhhhhhh. Some things are better left unsaid.

Animal Farm

Outdoors...sitting on a the the sun...petting Fitz...Jinx jumped up onto my shoulders! His padded paws...his velvety soft black fur...his motor purring loudly....he stayed quite awhile...and *poof* he jumped down, circled and weaved through Fitz's legs...and trotted off! Fitz barely blinked...she was just happy that she was still getting pet. Life is good.

Fitz...Like A Lion In The Jungle