Monday, May 30, 2011

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Monkey's Fist to the Max! Last summer, we made our usual beach trek on one of the glorious uninhabited islands off of the cape. As we always do, once the boat is anchored, we walk the beach and climb rocks, step over stones, hunt and gather random treasures washed ashore by some storms.

Hunting List:
Sea glass

Gathering List:

1. Buoys
2. Beach balls
3. Boat line
4. Flags
5. Occasional tire
6. sneaker or single flip flop
7. tennis ball
8. Fishing lures
9. Fishing line
10. Pail
11. Shovel
12. Beach chair
13. Cooler
14. Tattered tacky beach towel
15. Boat ladder
16. Frisbee
17. Goodyear tire
18. Tugboat dock lines
19. 14k Gold and sterling silver bracelet
20. Cell phone

** #18...huge hunk of big clunky tugboat line stuck in the rocks...most intriguing ...especially to the kids. To repurpose? Huh? Ta-da! It's been hauled from boat to dock to beach to little red wagon to...home, made into a Mega Monkey's Fist like sailors made for their ships long ago. How will this be used? We're not quite sure...but we painted it anyway!

**#19...a shimmer of gold caught my eye one day...pushed away some sand with my toes and voila! simple abundance! A treasure that I treasure...for it's reminder of the abundance in our world.

Buoys Will Be Buoys

When The Paints Go Marching In

Well not quite. The paint crews arrived on the cape Saturday. Paint brushes. Check. Paint. Check. Enthusiasm. Check. Experience? Some. Many hands make light work is a saying Grace and T.J. know well around our house.

Somehow, out of state, on Cape Cod, at a beach house, with friends like family, Memorial Day weekend, with music, laughter and catching up....many hands make light work turns out to be much more fun....lightening the load than home sweet home.

And what fun we had today! 4 parents, 4 kids, 2 grandparents and one stereo...painting the porch, prepping the house, stopping for lunch and a quick jaunt to the beach, coffee, clean up.

What a gift! All of it. Even the paint on my toes. Life's better barefoot! With family and friends! With music! With enthusiasm to welcome summer!

Fitzy Again?

NO! Are you as surprised as we were when we got home from the movies? Remember, we're on the unless Fitz followed us....I don't think she got to the pizza. Daisy? Never! But Quigley?

Yes! He seemed to be running wild while we were out...was it a party? We think he was worried he was left behind. Ooh! Did he look guilty when we got home! Guilty and full!

Guilty As Charged!