Monday, March 28, 2011

It's a Wrap

My eBay store has kept me busy as a bee. It's so much fun to sell. Having my own store is a dream I've had since I set up our basement as a store at age 5 when I invited all of the kids in the neighborhood to shop.

The sea shell necklaces were stunning highlighted on display high atop the ping pong table. Here in my eBay store, it's less about display and more about packing and shipping. I'm working on that. Originally I wrapped each package like a gift with pretty ribbons and colorful wrapping paper. I thought it would be nice for the buyer to open a little wrapped gift. My friends suggested a simpler method with a more no-frills wrapping. It works. But I still believe presentation is everything.

Selling is something I love...on eBay or face to face. It always amazes me how interesting people are. Even from afar.

Like our kids, I began by selling lemonade and girl scout cookies. T.J.and Grace are delighted when their things sell on eBay. As teens, money is a wonderful motivator. Listing, pricing, selling and shipping are all good learning tools.

Grace has come a long way. When she was almost 5 years old, she sold string cheese to the neighbors for a dollar a stick. Interesting choice of merchandise. Still, the cheese sold well. In 4th grade, Grace created a frenzy on the playground selling 25 cent paper clip bracelets. The testimonial advertising worked! 4th grade girls love trendy fads...especially when the supply and demand create the bigger buzz. Grace had to enlist friends to help sell when the supply was less than the demand.

Shortly after the business growth, the assistant principal had to shut down the shop. Shopping on the playground became too much like Macy's on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

As for T.J., he loves selling on eBay. He's more of a barter man and he drives a hard bargain. In preschool, he bartered his used Jeff Gordon #24 racecar for another boy's new Jeff Gordon #24 racecar. Now, that's a gift! T.J. always had a right if recision was a 24 hour case either child had buyer's remorse at bedtime.

It's all in the family. Quite the sales force. Who knew?