Friday, March 18, 2011

Love is Everywhere

We just have to open our eyes...and remember to open our hearts. I thought about that early this morning on my woods walk with Daisy and Fitz.

Even when we seem to be alone we're surrounded by love and loving people. We just need to remember.

Late Night on a Full Moon

Wearin of the Green

TJ would be horrified to know I snapped this photo. It was so cute to see our boy walking up the driveway in his J.Crew kelly green chino pants on
St, Patrick's Day.
 Cool as this kid is, he still thought to take the green balloon off of the mailbox and attach to his head by using the clip to attach the balloon string to his hair. Why? Because it was there. Boys are boys forever! I love the way they think. Not that I understand it...I just love them.

Guess Who

I'll just give you a hint. Fitzy's breath is minty fresh. I say no more.