Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I wanted to share this Photobucket media with you. http://s802.photobucket.com/albums/yy308/fitzgeraldmeehan/?action=view&current=WarholCameraLite10-10-2010-0-26-30-564.png

color my world!



So, here I am living a quiet life with a lovely family. Biff is a great husband.  He and I make a great pair...we both know we're not perfect so that cuts out the middleman and lots of stress.  We have to laugh...at ourselves. Thankfully, we can call attention to each others' flaws and we know we mean no harm...if anything it gives us pause....to consider what it's like to live with the flaws of each other.  Get it?  I think I got that right.

I have lots to do with this family made up of 1 husband and me, one wife (we're not polygymists...although I'm sure it sounds tempting for women,,,,since there are lots more people available to clean the dust bunnies. The husband? what's the deal with that? How on earth does he keep track of his wives....or his 347 kids?)  oops I digress..... Our family has one husband, one wife, one girl. one boy, two golden retrievers, 2 kitties and one fish.


We have 2 kids, not 347. Some days it feels like keeping up with 347.  Even 2 kids have plenty of needs....or demands....depending on the mood swings and energy of teenagers  Teens have lots of places to go and people to see and time to squeeze it all in..... in THEIR mind.  Then we have 2 parents who seem to be here primarily to squash all of the teen plans.  Not  really. It just seems that way....to them....the opposing team.  As the coaches say, "There's no "I" in TEAM".....on a day that T.J. was feeling too tired for practice, I brought up that coach speak, " -T-E-A-M-"...T.J. looked sincerely at me and said, " Yup. But mom, there is and M and an E in TEAM.  And I need some ME time." He actually had a point.

Since we're here to set some limits and have some boundaries and grow these people into fine, well adjusted, balanced, sensitive new age, well rounded, serving, giving adults so that they may then follow in our footsteps.....or run the other way......and still, be the best  people on the planet.  Not too much pressure.  On any given day it could be thought to be CRAZY to even think that can be accomplished.

With many, many, many given days and lots of prayers and patience, and a sense of humor, it may actually be possible.  Possible.  Even likely. But don't forget the flaws.  After all, the flaws are in the gen pool whether we like it or not.   Mostly good flaws....as I see it.  See. That's precisely why we must have a sense of humor......to live with all of our inherited flaws.  Generations and generations of a variety of fine, well bred, highly educated, intelligent flaws. Only the best for our family!


Animal farm...and the barn where the beans are roasted.

Always a friendly hello and some interesting conversation. Like an old time general store, I never know who I'll meet and what news or interesting stories I'll hear. Dogs love it there and they're greeted with a warm welcome too.

My favorite treat...Ashlawn Farm coffee...at the farm in Old Lyme, CT.

Ashlawn Farm, Old Lyme,CT.

Daisy and her handsome playd├Ąte Ranger! They go way back....since they were puppies.

A delightful day in Connecticut ......even without my favorite lipstick ....no worries...I had my backup lipstick...life is good!

Fitzgerald gives herself a pedicure .......

Fitz found my missing lipstick!