Friday, May 13, 2011

If It Looks To Good To Be True...

It is! That's what Mr.O told our friends long ago. Those words of wisdom, so simple, are words to remember. When things (or people or boyfriends or vacation rentals or jobs) look too good to be true....we don't like to question things.

We deserve good things and good people! We're having fun. Life is good. No. Life is great! It's all so intoxicating...we're living the dream. Finally. We think it's finally our time...our big break...our chance...our true love...that we've waited for so long.

Until...a shoe drops. Clunk. On our head..or heart...or paycheck. It's not until the clunk on the head that it all a jigsaw puzzle. The pieces all begin to fit together. Little by little...we become acutely aware that there were clues that we eithee ignored or dismissed. Clunk. Click.

I'm watching another Dateline NBC story about a woman who married her "soulmate," a successful, well-educated,highly regarded surgeon,romantic, wealthy, genius...that's just the tip of the iceberg...or the click of the puzzle piece. I HAD to watch. The setting of the story...Greek Islands...Yacht...bikini blonde...billion dollar doc....and when she woke up, he was missing. Gone. Adios. Sionara.

Mr.O's words of wisdom...the words that follow the words, "by-the-way," are usually followed with unpleasant news.

By the way, if your lover, newly married bride or hot date is invited to vacation or honeymoon on a yacht, cruise or scuba diving, don't do it. They always end up dead..or they are leading a double life. "By the way," if it looks too good to be is.

Why is it so clear when we see other people falling? I guess we all learn in our own time. By the way, I hate when that happens.