Monday, March 7, 2011

Daisy Dreams


Sewing Machine

Mine? How can I tell. Paint. Our bedroom shade. Sapphire 4. Laura Ashley. How did bedroom paint get on the sewing machine? Oh never mind. That's not important. What is important is that I got the sewing machine out. To use. Stop laughing. Really. Wait til you see what I can do. Just wait. It has to be done soon. The machine is on the coffee table in the family room. It took me one hour to make a bobbin. After trying to get the paint off the relatively new sewing machine. Oops. Big job. I threaded the needle too. Another hour. I'm hopeful. Very hopeful. I'm motivated. Very motivated. To create. A pillow. Maybe a duvet for Grace. I'll start with the pillow. Actually, I have started. I turned it on. It moved. The pedal revs the engine. Thrilling. I have needles. Pins. Ha. Pins and needles. Even a little tomato pin cushion! Extra bobbins. Extra thread. No patterns. Why would that surprise anyone? Wish me luck!

Zumba Mama

Dog walk. Kids talk. Friends. Coming. Going. Driving. Zumba. Music. Dancing. Jumping. Sweating. Breathing. Water. Lots of water. Gulping. Walking. Talking. Driving. Grocery Store. Reality. Hungry. Shopping. Quickly. Groceries. Cell phone. Phone calls. Check out. Thank you. Thank you for packing. Out to car. Start car. Need heat. Chilly. Dark. Biff calls. Drive home. Kids. Dogs. Dinner. Dogs. Kids. Strawberries. One whole package. Lots of strawberries. Delicious. Biff. TV. Computer. Cats. Biff. Hair color! Desperate. We'll see. No gray. Wait. May be dark. Box said Golden Sunshine Blonde? OK? Maybe. Outside. Lasts for 28 shampoos. No roots. No gray. No hairdresser. Compromise. Yup.

After The Snow

Delightful. Sunshine and high winds. Walking the dogs. On the road. In the woods. Damp under foot. Leaves. Sticks. Branches. Tree trunks. On the trails. Across the trails.

The air is brisk. A brisk walk with the dogs always puts a smile on my face. Daisy and Fitz smile too. We occasionally slow down for a fresh scent. It's all new. Everytime. Every outing. For all of us. Outside. Outdoors. We see things differently. We have a new outlook. That changes everything. Change is good. Being open to change is better.

The Trail Less Traveled