Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Chatty Catty

Every now and then T.J.mentions to me that I'm talking to him in the same tone that I talk to the dogs. Oh! I probably should mention the way I talk to the cats too.

It's true. I'm quite aware that I use the tone...we all do it. Biff, Grace and T.J. too. Grace pops in the door after school and squeals, "Feets! ....Dooog! ....Buddhist! .....Blink!" Translation: Fitz, Daisy....Boo..Jinx. And I'm the one being reminded? Hmmm. Kaley, Grace's BFF, told me I was talking to her like I talk to the dogs...I told her she should be flattered! I love our dogs.

Once, when Biff's brother was visiting, in the middle of a conversation, we noticed Grace's new kitty attempting to jump up onto the kitchen counter.......instantly we all sang out,"MEHHH-HEHHH!!!!" Ed burst out laughing and choked out,"I'm afraid to ask!"

So when i get a little reminder from T.J., it's not with the same teenage sarcastic tone or disillusioned look that he might give me when I ask the name of the song on his i-phone. It's not the pained look he gives me when I mention my twitter name to a friend....or that shake of his head when my blog is being discussed. His reminder is merely a cue to catch myself before I ramble on throughout the day speaking animal speak. At least I think that's why he calls it to my attention.

It's not that T.J. doesn't chat in his own "talk to the animals" tone of voice...he understands. It's the other people. I think T.J., like any other teenager we know, is desperately afraid that I'll continue my animal speak at the grocery store or at a school event. Really.

After all, the sole job of our teenagers is to monitor us or do damage control for every situation they have to be seen in public with us, the parents. That's quite a full time job! I wonder how Grace and T.J. can go to school with the responsibilty of reeling us in. Oh well, we manage to get by...until we're out with them in public again.