Wednesday, December 1, 2010

We all had a wonderful weekend....a whirlwind of family, friends and fun. It all came together quite well. Biff and I have always said we want to have a home that is always welcoming to friends and family.  No matter what. No matter when.

Thankfully. Because we are far from perfect. Our friends and family seem to know that well and love us anyway. With lots of travel, work and kid scheduling, our house ends up last on our list. We knew that when the invitation for Thanksgiving came up....when Biff hacked my facebook and wrote as my status,"Who wants to come for Thanksgiving?" There were many funny comments on that post. Friends from across the country were all on board. With only 20 something coming for dinner, it seemed like a light crowd to feed. No problem.

People...easy. Food....easy.  Home to-do-list....long. Nothing makes us happier than having company to get us motivated. We are motivated but without a specific date, other things on the list get priority. With more travel than ever in November, we were truly challenged.

We accomplished quite a bit. Not everything.

Fitzgerald, Fitzy, Fitz......whatever we call this sweet puppy.....she is still a beast when it comes to food. Is this the face of a dog who ate half of MY turkey sandwich, put her nose into an apple pie sitting on the stove, conned some guests into hand feeding her turkey or once again, lapping up a cup of my coffee? Oh! Did I forget to mention the TWO 64oz. plastic bottles of juice she opened and drank while in the car? Yup. Don't let her fool you....that sweet face....that needy look she's all an act. She used that on our overnight guests...they felt sort for an instant, she was into our garbage can....with a lid......up to her shoulders!

Biff left before 4 a.m. this morning. As we kissed goodbye this is what I saw! Daisy and Boo...cozy as ever.

Daisy catching some zzzz's while I've been off to the post office.....after a busy weekend with lots of company. Since food was a major activity over the weekend, Daisy was on high alert...watching out for Fitzy....and perhaps cashing in on some of Fitz's poor "manners"...exhausting!