Saturday, March 5, 2011

Keep It Simple

These magazines exhaust me. The whole reason I read them is to relax. After scanning the covers, I'm exhausted. Every magazine has work for me to do...on my hair, on my thighs, my clothes, my house, my cooking, my "organization and my money.

Every magazine promises to make me better.....why can't I be happy as I am? Because they tell me I need to be happier, neater, prettier, thinner, healthier, ! It's no wonder I'm exhausted.

Shop Better

Get Unstuck

Love Your Body

Be happy!


Magazine Mania

Cold Turkey. I stopped buying them the first of this year. I love them. I get drawn in by the covers. They all offer so many possibilities .....New. Better.Color for hair, color for big rooms, colors for small rooms, make small rooms feel spacious, make oversized rooms feel intimate, de-clutter, live clutter free, get organized....they are all the same.

I don't miss them. I save money and clutter. I read them all... in the library.

Get organized



Peaceful. It's a quiet night. We all seem to be content. Even Jinx. Although, he's always rather content. Cool cat.

Tripping the Light Fantastic

Finally. We figured out a way to preserve the white lights from the naked Christmas Tree. We finagled a way to get them on the chandelier. Biff wrangled and tangled the white lights. Finally, voila! The sweet white lights are back.

Saturday Night Live

Here we are. Saturday night. March. Chilly. Damp. Kids home. I'm home. Biff is home. It's a low energy kind of day here. Low. It's kind of nice. I'd like to play a game or have one movie that we all might like. Not happening. No one here wants to play. Grace decided to bake a cake. Can't decide on a movie. Biff decided to try facebook. Now, he's busy "finding friends." Just one of those nights. Quiet. Mellow. We'll all come together eventually tonight. After all, Saturday Night Live is on in a couple of hours and we have teenagers.

Isn't it true?  It's important to stay true to ourselves.