Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Who's Paranoid?

Why? Me? Am I paranoid? I'm just concerned that I'll never, never, stop itching and scratching and rubbing and OH! Did I give it to you too? Grace is concerned that I touched the steering wheel in the car. T.J. is worried about the outbreak of poison ivy in the family. Cooking. Washing. Enough already! Or is it? Maybe I am paranoid. Stop looking at me. Are you looking at me?

Enough Already

My kids are afraid to touch me. I'm terrified I'll pollute Biff with Poison Ivy. Could it be possible for me to give it to the dogs? Or cats? What if they all gang up on me? We know what fear and paranoia can do to people! What if this itching never stops? This is payback for making light of other people's (Biff) poison ivy affliction. That'll do it.

Drop Me A Line

Poking along the quieti roads on the cape gave us all the thrill of what's to come in just a few short months....Cape Cod summer. We stopped to see the sailing club....boats are covered, buoys are hanging, the sailing shack is locked up tight. I can imagine all of what's to come

Quiet roads will be filled with summer people. The hustle and bustle have begun. Landscapers, painters, builder's, small shops are doing prep work for summer. What's not to love?

Isn't That A Fine How Do You Do

Springing Spring

"Red" Again!

And again and again and again! Biff's good friend Mike owned a Ford dealership.Mom talked to Mike for advice on her purchase. After benefitting from all of his information, mom asked if he had a little Ford Escort so she could buy the car from him....letting him benefit on her purchase. Mike checked into his stock on the car, called her back. He shared all of the details and finally the color, "Calypso Green!" Hearing her disappointment with the less than regal color, Mike burst enthusiastically, "Grace, come on...it'll keep you young!"

We've all had some good "Calypso Green" laughs over the years.