Sunday, April 10, 2011

Amazing Race Sunday

This show fuels my travel bug! I love seeing the world as the teams travel around the world. What an awesome adventure. We all have our own paths for adventure. Travelling anywhere, meeting people from different cultures, different backrounds and lifestyles. We share so many similarities. It's "amazing!"

The Good Old Days

Kind of. As Biff and I roller bladed alongside each other, we talked about our early dating days when he taught me how to roller blade. Those dates roller blading were a continuation of our skating dates....we really had fun seeing each other in new places and trying out new roller blading.

Today felt just like the old days. One thing HAS changed drastically. Not the laughter, not the respect, not the love or sense of humor....that's all gotten even better. What's different? The hair peeking out. from the back of Biff's helmet, is gray. Really. I never noticed!

Coffee to go

Grace and I went shopping this afternoon. It took some time to get ready. I spent some time cleaning out the car....while the dogs were in it.

Car mats out. Candy wrappers tossed. Water bottles removed. Coffee cups out. I swept out the crumbs, fur and sand. My Dylan's Canidy Bar mug...I put on top of the car since it was full of coffee and didn't want Fitz to drink it. Any other spot...she'd get it. Only experience can teach some things.

After clearing the car, Grace pleaded with me to be the driver. I'm a good I was happy to give her the keys and the experience.

We drove for miles. We drove through town. We drove on the interstate. People smiled as they drove by. They waved. Friendly follks in Connecticut.

So many friendly faces. So many. That's when it hit me. Not literally. My mug! My Dylan's Candy Bar mug. On top of the car!

People waving. People smiling. People pointing. I calmy alerted my driver,Grace. Without panicking, she zipped off the next exit ramp. We both laughed for miles. And we laughed some more.

Ralph Lauren's daughter, Dylan. Preppy candy!! Candy heaven! Upper East Side, New York City. Rooms for private parties. We had a "Dylan's To Go" party in Connecticut. Oodles of candy and oodles of fun!

Today we drove off with a Dylan's Coffee Mug on the car! My 16 year old girl and I are still laughing....together! Really. Sometimes life is great!

Yellow Roses

Not Funny. Not one bit. This is how I feel right now. And it's Sunday….3pm. The end of the weekend. How is it possible that I feel as though our house is more in an upheaval than it was yesterday!

I hate when this happens. Why do I have to be the one to alert everyone. Don't they notice? Haven't I asked? Oh, I must have on my cloak of invisibility again. Darn that cloak. It always gets in the way of progress. 

Biff and I have been trying to get things done all weekend. Basic  cleaning. And a bit more. 
Laundry. Check.
Closets. Check.
Giveaway. Toss. Need to sort through piles. Started but now the piles are everywhere…in every room. Bedrooms. Family room. Vacuum. Vacuum everywhere. Or maybe nowhere until tomorrow.
Dogs. Check. Kind of. Sort of. A little bit.
The car interior. Check.
E-bay listing. Nope. No check. Camera broken. Yup. Another camera dead. Just like that. Poof. Dead. No good. No more pics. Done. Need to buy a new camera. Great.

The garage awaits. Need more Hefty bags for that job. Trip to the store? I think so.

Lawn.Plenty of lawn seed and holly toner. Too much in fact. We bought it last year from the boy scouts. Oh. We bought it again this year. Biff likes to give the kids $ for their fundraiser. Now we don't have enough space to store it all. We better pour it on heavy.

Kitchen. No paper towels. How can we begin with no paper towels? Better go to the store for those.