Friday, February 4, 2011

Oh what a Beautiful Morning!

(Substitute evening)....

Just Beautiful!

Soooooo Beautiful


That's her name. We're up visiting our friends near Boston. Late arrival. Very tired. While getting comfy cozy on the couch, I find that I'm not alone even though Biff, Grace and T.J. and our friend, Graham have just tiptoed up to bed.

As I read the day's emails, Beautiful gets snuggled on my every kitty I've ever known, on the prettiest color accessory available to call attention to her fancy feline fur!

We have known Beautiful from her Kitty days when she found our friends. She just appeared one day and made herself at home. She lives a nice life and gets lots of love. It's such a gift to have animals in our lives...they allow us to see things from a different perspective...with no agenda or itinerary...just being where we are.

Daisy and I Out For a Ride in the Car...

What fun we have when we're out on our own.....we have no leashes like we do when Fitz is with us. I don't have to straddle the groceries while driving and swat at her to keep her in the back....hopefully keeping her from eating our dinner for that night.
Daisy and I have our quality time and Fitz gets some quiet time at home. Daisy is so gentle, sweet, well behaved and nurturing. Fitz is a gentle soul with a need for speedy runaway time on the lookout for food at the neighbors' kitchens, garbage cans ....or in their cars if the doors are opened.

Without missing a beat, she has leapt into our neighbor's car, globbed up all of the loose Cheerios on the floor of the high end s.u.v. and dashed out the door to make an attempt at the little girl's Easter Basket....but my hero, Biff, intercepted and tackled the adorable beast to the ground. As for the little girl's mom who is terrified of dogs....she now drives her car directly into her dog free garage and doesn't get out of her car until the coast is clear!

Quality time with Daisy is just some time in the car with a good friend. You know that friend....the one you can talk to about or night....the friend who's always up for any adventure....the friend who listens to you through ups and Downs....the friend who will jump in the car for any road trip...the friend who makes you happy just because you know that she's there...a truly good friend...a loyal friend forever!

Connecticut sunshine,snow and steeple!

What a day! Cold isn't cold to me anymore. We've had so much freezing cold that today seems like a mild spring day. Then again, not.


To have may as well be Spring! There's more snow on the way but somehow it's no big deal. We've lived through so many storms, one more seems insignificant. This will be the big one...I haven't bought more milk or bread this time!

Ice Skates

What great weather for ice skating! It's easier said than done....even in Connecticut. Yes, this is New England. Skating on ponds is wonderful but someone has to shovel off the snow in order to skate. Indoor rinks are another possibility...BUT ice hockey is big business in New England and ice time is precious and pricey! Hours for public skating is limited. Not all rinks are open to the public. I'll keep my skates in the car....maybe Biff's too. We need to skate....skate and date.p

Running Wild at the Beach

Happy doggies!