Thursday, March 3, 2011

I've Been Clipped

Clips and ties and's time to get my hair cut or colored once I've resorted to the clip. What's a girl to do? Only the clip can save me. It's a temporary fix.


Did my hairdresser fire me today? Maybe? Or maybe it's me. Apparently I missed my appointment....I showed up at the wrong time. Not early. Late. Missed it. Do I look like I can stand to miss a hair appointment? I think not. I'm not proud...look at this picture I look proud? Talk about letting yourself go. Maybe the universe is telling me something? Brown hair in January. Blonde hair in February. Gray hair in March. Hmmmmm. I'm the customer? "The customer is always...." gray? I think not. It may be time for Grace and I to move on. But where?