Tuesday, February 2, 2010

believe in angels.

who knew what a blog could do? when we got the apple computer and biff signed me up for one year of tutorials, i never knew the direction that would take me. sometimes life is like that.  i've noticed that just since i began writing my blog.

while the new computer motivated me to challenge my inept computer literacy skills, or lack thereof,  it seems that this blog has opened me up to many new things.  the first thing that happened  was the enthusiasm i had for the new computer simply so that i could enjoy putting my photos on line ......just for organization.is it me or is it my blog?  once i became comfortable with the computer, i decided that i would write a blog, just for me.  as i began writing the blog, i found so much pleasure writing and posting my pictures.....then for some new layers of interest, i found you tube with movie clips and funny videos.

 i have always loved taking pictures.  i have always loved writing.  i have always  putting together projects with photos and collage, even scrapbooking.  i did that before it was an industry!  i love layers and layers and layers.....whether with clothing or paper or photos or decor.  i love colors and textures.....and here i am.  everything i love has taken on a life of it's own.

i met a friend for coffee yesterday.  while we sat in those giant cushy chairs, a big score for mid day......we talked about my blog......i love the positive feedback and enthusiasm although i'm still not that  comfortable with the word "blog", it just feels awkward....

here's how i describe this pretty cool woman .....my friend....

.... another leo,......mother.....happy blonde highlighted woman who lives  her life like a golden retriever....... another mom who's passionate about her children and actively works at guiding them through life's challenges......with similar values...a deep faith in a higher power....from similar backgrounds.....and the aching desire to push ahead in her quest to begin her own business.....the motivation to get it done....and the enthusiasm to encourage other women..... to do well and follow the dreams she turns into reality...... and networking skills to make them happen!

last month i met a friend for lunch.....she and i hadn't seen each other for years.  after getting married, we lived on opposite coasts...we shared friends..eventually, we.kept in touch through christmas cards.  now we're within an hour of each other.  we had so much fun.  she encouraged me to start my own e-bay business.  i've alwaays wanted my own store....but, after many years in upscale retail stores, i'm done with the saturday work schedule.  i want to spend weekends with my family. so, with great excitement, i am in the process of beginning my e-bay littlemarymixup business.

  i have always wanted to have my own store.  when i was very young, i created my own store in our basement on a ping pong table and surrounding area.  ever the entrepreneur, i have decided that this will be the bestlocation for my store.  i've never had the confidence before because i've never felt computer literate enough to begin. thanks to my blog, i've developed a pretty comfortable relationship with the computer.  now i can truly say,"the computer is my friend."

so, it is with great pride that i introduce my e-bay business that will be up and starting by next week.  i could not have more enthusiastic and encouraging friends.  friends who tell me that they love my blog...that it is so honest and like me...friends who have believed in me before i believed in myself....

what more can i ask for.  it is a wonderful time in my life.  i've been learning about myself for a long time now....i know i can do this.  the last few years have been challenging...we've had some difficult days with some sadness.....we've had alot of family loss in the last few years...i'll never stop missing my mom, but now i'm less sad and more grateful to have had our special relationship...and the timing  is just right....now, our kids are at a great age, young teens....this will be a business that will allow me to work from home......and  be my own boss.

i love to look back and see how the pieces of my puzzle all fit together. i feel that i'm at a great place in my life, just by being open to all possibilities.  i'm grateful for so many pieces of the puzzle making sense to me.  i have never been in a place where i have the introspection and awareness to take on some new opportunities.

i've spent much of my non working days volunteering.  way back, when our kids were small, i had some very good advice from a friend who is the mother of  five....and a volunteer in a position that could well be a paid position in our community.  we talked about volunteering and egos and becoming a part of the dramatic soap operas of parent teacher organizations and the day to day volunteer work as a mom of grammar school children.  that's when she told me this tid bit of information..."i only volunteer where i have direct contact with my child....i don't need to do work for praise from others to feed my ego....my volunteering at school is for me to use that time with my children"....she has done way more than that...her advice stuck with me and i'm still grateful eight years later. 

i've always been amazed to have so many people in my life, who appear when i need them...i know the joy of serendipity....thee luck of timing.....but i feel that there is more to it in that.....i'm sure everyone has there own take on it.....i know there are many possibilities....and i'm open to them.

it seems to me that all i had to do was sit down and write, which i love...i took the time to do something i love and things begin to click together...like a jigsaw puzzle....all we have to do is take action and commit to small goals....an surround ourselves with good friends and others who support and encourage us, realistically.

oh, did i mention that i also believe in angels!