Thursday, March 31, 2011

Midnight Lacrosse Laundry

Long story that was list in cyberspace just moments ago.

Serioiusly? Not kidding. About 11pm,  T.J. came into the family room and says……"Oh, mom…could you just toss all of my lacrosse pads and stuff into the dryer….now…tonight? Dad says if you just put them in the dryer with a couple of towels they will be o.k."

 When these words come out of your child's mouth…."Oh mom, could you just.." RUN! RUN FAST and don't look back! These words are never followed by…
1. give me a hug?
2.  take more time to sit and chat with me more often?
3. sit down while I do that for you.
4. put your money away, I'll pay for it.
5. let me finish my homework? Please!
6.  let me clean my room now?
7. let me walk the dogs?
8. Put down that kitty litter, I'll clean up after the kitties.
9. hand me that vacuum?
10. let me mow the lawn?

Oh mom, could you just…….never has an easy ending!

It reminds me of my friend's dad, Joe O.
A long time ago, he taught us that these words usually come with a bad ending. Here they are:

It has always rung true. Over the years, it seems that Joe O. knew what he was talking about.
"By the way, …":
1. You're fired
2. We have to talk
3. I want to break up

I think that's enough. You get the point. Whenever Biff and I here these words come from anyone's mouth, we laugh. We know what's coming.

And as an old friend said to her boss after being reprimanded for something insignificant,
"By the way… have lipstick on your teeth!" 

What Fun!

Listing lots of new merchandise ini my e-bay store today. I get so excited to post things that I know my customers will love. I can't list my finds fast enough! This photo is J. Crew Madras. What fun!

If you like, take a peek at the store! I'll be adding new auction items all night...and all weekend....since the weather people are still calling for snow. I'll be listing the spring & summer merchandise that we're all hoping to wear....this year...we can only hope!

Daffodils and The"Snow Event"

Really. The T.V. weatherman just called today's weather a "snow event"....really. Really? "Snow event" I've heard everything.

Memories Of Earlier Days

The enthusiastic little voices caught my attention this morning long after Grace and T.J. had slowly, deliberately stepped onto their rumbling bus. The sweet sounds of the playful brother and sister eagerly awaiting their school bus brought back sweet memories. Bittersweet. These days are special too....just different.

Really? You've Got To Be Kidding.

Wednesday Woes. "Precipitation" is what my mobile "The Weather Channel" has in our hourly weather prediction for the day. I remind myself...we do live in New England.

The good news is,,,,despite the challenge of getting Grace and T.J. up and out the door, we've done it! Team work? Kind of. At least AFTER the part where I was able to get them to stand up. Once they're standing, it's all down hill from there. Unless they miss the bus.

Unlike the bus drivers of previous years, this woman waits for no one. We have always lived a life of well timed bus routines. Like clockwork..the bus...and us. On the rare occasion, we were running a minute behind, the bus driver would sit for a case. But no more. Running out the door...arms flailing, running, doing a sprint, the long jump, even screaming or summer salts...the conscientious driver glides by. Bye bye, that is.

Today, they made it without gymnastic pole vaulting. Phew. I was sure to be the scapegoat if we were one topsider short of catching the bus driver on a mission. Biff was already off on "vacation" as he merrily drove off toward the morning sunrise, whistling while he worked....ALONE in the car with his XM Radio, I had Grace and T.J. critiqueing my warnings. "WHAT? 2 MINUTES, you're supposed to give us more notice than that!.....Are you kidding me? 2 minutes?" T.J. spouted as he gathered his backpack and lunch while simultaneously pushing on his sneakers. Grace scrambled alongside...agreeing with her brother that I had failed them.

Oh well, at least our dueling teenagers could agree on something! As I review our children's cohesive manner in which they found fault with my meager attempts at warnings, it warmed my heart to have them in agreement. As T.J. said earlier, "Are you kidding me?" I'm happy to see them agree on anything these days!