Tuesday, March 2, 2010

my tulips.

another one of those days....love is everywhere...when you least expect it!  maybe because i could  actually see the ground!  snow is gone...for now.


it's like spring is here!  if only for another day!  snow may come tomorrow or the next day....that's o.k....we're used to it!  there may be a few more snowstorms, but today just gave me hope that spring is on it's way....every little bit counts..i even started peeking around in the woods, hoping that buds wouldn't be that far off.....well, that's dreaming!  we just had snow on saturday!


it was a great day for the sun roof...i like the sunroof an any sunny day....this was gorgeous.

it seemed like a perfect day to blow off my boots!  i've had boots and boots and boots......enough! http://www.hannaandersson.com

everywhere i went people seemed to be in happy moods!  everyone was talking about the weather...i guess everyone does that no matter what the weather....but, at least when the good weather is here, people stop moaning about it! we do live in new england after all!

i love going to my favorite farm.. 
ashlawn farm in old lyme.
i know it's my imagination, even the animals seemed happy!  i know, i live in a cartoon world.  i just love stopping in for coffee.  people are always so friendly....rain or snow or a spring like day.  i really wanted a nice hot....the perfect temperature coffee.  how happy was i when i saw my little reminder....the heart shape rocks always remind me that love is everywhere....i know it's so corny....but, it doesn't take much for me!

at ashlawn farm, they roast their own coffee...and ship it from all over the world...

the most delightful thing about the farm is that sense of community and old general store meeting place feeling.  it's just lovely and brightens my day...always smiling faces...lots of people stopping in..having a little conversation and going on their way.  some linger at the little tables indoors and outdoors....


out on the deck today, there were a few people sitting having their coffee in the sun...with thei golden retriever named fargas.... fargas seems to have some of fitzy's food issues.  now, here's the part where you'll confirm that i'm a bit kooky.....i was feeling guilty that i didn't have daisy with me!  she loves the farm!  actually, she loves anywhere with me...maybe with anyone...but i'll just enjoy thinking it's me!

it's just nice to stop in a place where i feel like life slows down...for just a little while....

sometimes, there's so much nice conversation going on, that by the time i get the milk in my coffee....it's not steaming hot anymore...

i love all of the work they do.  it's great to buy local.  ashlawn farm has a great farmers market in the spring, summer and fall.  soon.........

i just love it here....a mom and her little boy were there....after the mom got her coffee, she promised to take hime out back to look at all of the tractors!  i had one of those sweet moments....remembering how many hundreds of tractors we stopped to look at and over and around...and under...maybe sat on the seat, pretended to steer it....and just loved it all!  i'm so grateful for those days!

this was a painting hanging at the farm.  so many times that i stop by, there are local artists out painting in the fields...nearby, is the florence griswold museum...one of my favorite places to go as a family.....and do a little painting...en plein air....we always have the greatest times there...even though the kids are getting older, they may resist  but when we get into being there....they start having some fun too.
alot of artists came here at the turn of the century....florence griswold opened her home to painters...so she could preserve her home that was left to her by her family....she was a very strong women to keep it going ...and the artists came because the lighting was so similar to the light in france...the impressionists....artists could come to live in this summer artist colony...just like william merritt chase out in the hamptons across the long island sound...they are on dispaly at the parrish art museum in southampton.

i love the impressionist art...i always have since i was very young!  it's so nice to have lived out in the hamptons on long islands east end....with the beautiful light that they enjoyed while painting.  and now, here we are living in the same beautiful area where so many impressionists came to study....i can appreciate them...i can't paint like them.  i do love it here!

after the farm i had to go to one of the "tweens" meetings that i go to in our town....they are so enjoyable...and productive and educational and help our awareness and it's great to have that communication with other moms who are just trying to do their best....trying to do it better....learning....talking...listening...thinking.....i get so much out of the meetings.  some of our kids make fun of us...saying, things like...."mom...just because you heard that stuff at your tween meeting doesn't mean that goes on here!"  we all laugh because we're just trying to stay aware...to help protect our own kids in this enormous world we're in....with no text book to   guide us!

and then...it's "happy hair" for me!! i need "happy hair" no matter what at this time of year.....seasonal affective disorder....some people have it...maybe even i do!  i have seasonal hair disorder....i crave happy highlights to get through this last lap of winter!  and more tulips!

happy almost spring! 
it really is coming!
  i can tell by my tights!
  and my hair! 
and my sunroof!
and my tulips!