Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Out of thw House

Today. Lots of ebay work today. Driving T.J to meet friends.dogs for a ride in car, a couple of errands. Out. Dogs out. With me. Windows open. Happy.

Fluffy Not Stuffy

Who's happier than me when the laundry is clean and folded? No matter who does it! Ahhhhhh.

See Biff

See Biff. See laundry. See Biff fold laundry. My hero. My sensitive new age man. We all do stuff. I can paint, mow the lawn, move furniture, use power tools, plunge a toilette, wash dishes and scrub the dickens out of our crazy white kitchen floor. Biff can do laundry, cook dinner, wield an axe, grocery shop, vacuum and bake muffins. We each just do what has to get done. No biggie.

That's just how we do it. Somehow, we figured out what works for us. Kind of. Sometimes we overlap.

I do laundry. Sometimes I can be a bit heavy handed with the bleach....oh....and then there's the matter of the lipsticks. Yes plural. If Fitz didn't eat it, that means it may have been in my pocket ....unemptied...and tossed. inadvertently into the wash. Not once. Not twice. I imagine we're into double digits by now.

Good thing Biff does plenty of work....at the end of our last century, someone thought to call a guy like Biff "hands on." I think my sensitive new age man may just be doing defense!