Friday, January 7, 2011


Daisy.....cozy by the fire. Tonight. Friday. Big talk of snow. Frantic weather reports. Early dismissal from school. No snow ....all day. Waiting all day. Shopping for the necessities. Walking the dogs before the big storm. Filling up the car with gas. Crediting some things that were never given as gifts. Meeting a couple of friends at the store....they were also waiting for the big storm.....doing some errands before the big storm! Dropping off a basket of flowers for a friend having a bad day. Home. Walking the snow. FINALLY. Snow.
It's nice to have a new year....fresh
start.......beginnings..... commencement.
2.Healthy eating
Fitness. I think that's a natural turn of events just because of the "I'll just have one" mentality of the Christmas cookie season....oh, and the gingerbread houses....and chocolates.....and hot chocolate with whipped cream......and those Starbucks foofy coffees. I need exercise all year long. It's a part of my routine. I crave it.
I've started my ZUMBA classes! I've been trying to get to take ZUMBA for months. Finally, I realized it was available for the new was meant to be. It's really fun. It's what my aerobics classes were to the 80's ...with Latin music...and a tad more wiggling of the hips. 
Even with year long regular exercise, the beginning of the new year, the thought of more exercise with more discipline makes me feel invigorated.
Healthy eating. We are aware. We stock the fridge with healthy choices.We look for new recipes. We don't buy junk food. We read labels. We make healthy dinners. Even with our efforts to keep our home stocked well, talk about healthy eating....still, we have lots to work on. It's the balance...eating the right balance...and learning more about what balance works best for us.
Since my mom and I worked at Saks Fifth Avenue we each had lots of merchandise that we were our responsibility...and closets filled to the brim at home. I still remember my mom teaching her salespeople to put "like with like" and she gave them a pack of crayons to see the order of colors. Then I got married and had kids...and we had lots more stuff in our closets, playroom and bedrooms. That's when mom's words, "like with like" became my mantra. They laugh when I say it now...but it works. Especially when any one of us is overwhelmed by the project...closet, garage, junk drawer or cabinet..."Like with like" 
Balance. Life is a balancing act. I try. Healthy. I try. Exercise. I try. Time. I try. Order. I try. Discipline. I try. Work. I try. Life. I try. I will always try. I am determined at this time of year to get it all together. For me, it's just like getting new notebooks and pens and folders for school in September.