Friday, March 25, 2011

A Girl Needs Her Beauty Sleep

Beauty sleep before the big day tomorrow! We're just trying on the party hats. Accessories have always been a priority for Daisy. Only the best for our birthday girl and only the snazziest accessories will do!

We had to try on her party hat. Tomorrow we'll have some real partying with happy paws, tail wagging and ear flapping fun! We all LOVE Daisy!


No coughing here. Well, at least Fitz has no cough and her breath is minty fresh.

It only took a moment. Fitzy ate them before I knew they were there.

I live like a presidential secret service agent.... constantly scanning and surveying the areas in which we walk. Groceries are at risk if left in the car. Dinners, snacks, drinks, coffee in to-go cups, candies are all up for grabs. I live on guard...always. Except for the times I think I'm today.

T.J. had to have a ride to a practise today. Daisy and Fitz were in the very back of the car. As T.J. got his gear out of the back of the car he asked,"Mom. What's the deal with Fitzy's leash?"

I couldn't begin to explain. I was just glad that T.J. didn't ask for a cough drop.

Follow Your Nose

Literally.One of Fitzy's greatest retriever qualities again, NOT. That cute snoot gets her in so much trouble. That nose gets all of us in trouble too! Daisy too!

Some of the places her nose has taken her.....

1. She's invited herself into each of the neighbors houses
2. She ran through one of the neighbors' cars just as the kids got out.....vacuumed up every cheerio and cracker in the one door and out the other ....the family stood, in shock, as they watched.
2. Ran off while we were walking the trails in the woods to a retired couple's house to check out their garbage pails. The O'Toole's gave her doggie treats and called me to pick her up. They saw her everytime we let Fitz off the leash in the was the treats! She is no longer let off the leash...ever.
3. She literally crashed a senior citizens' cocktail party at the beach. She wiped out the Cheetos and chip baskets. I cried and offered to replace the food. I was not received well either. Very unpleasant for all but Fitz.
4. She ran through a neighbors yard. The screaming kids were scooped up just as Fitz enthusiastically approached their Easter baskets.
5. Ran to another neighbor and ransacked their garbage pails in the garage, did loops around their house, their dog, the grandparents while we attempted to lasso her. .
6. While walking near the beach, she Houdini-ed off her leash and held a darling older man hostage at his own barbeque grill. Kind man.

There are many more stories but they are beginning to blur together....

I'm not sure that's a good sign. Good thing she's cute....people always assume it was her first offense.

I left Fitz in the back of the car for a couple of