Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kindergarten Kids

1. Who won't share
2. Who wants to be liked by everyone
3. Who won't obey the rules
4. The whiney one
5. The bully/teaser
6. The roughneck
7. The tattletale
8. The sneaky one
9. The loner
10. The loud, bossy one

Kindergarten characters: 1. The kid who won't share 2. The kid who teases 3. The kid who wants everyone to like him 4. The shy kid 5. The grabby kid who wants all of the toys to himself 6. The whiner 7. The line leader 8. The mean one 9. The kid who dodges the bullet so innocent get blamed 10. The crybaby And they're all here. Some must have played well with others. Others, not so much.

Women's Apprentice Team

Star Jones, lawyer and ex-cohost of ABC's "The View"
Dionne Warwick, singer
Marley Marlin, award winning actress
MiMi, one of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta
LaToya Jackson, Singer? or just the sister of Michael
Some woman named Hope?

This is not a cohesive group...

Men's Apprentice Team

Wild dynamic! Random "stars?" include Meatloaf musician
Little John, rapper
Jose Conseca, baseball player
Gary Busey, actor
"Richard" claim to fame...Winner of "Survivor"???
A country western singer
one more

Kindergarten dynamic .....

MY TV Night

It all started with the first season of The Amazing Race on CBS. Our family started watching the show together. Slowly, my family faded away. It became "mom's show." Showers, last minute homework, even facebook distracted the others.

The flat sceen TV became mine. The family room became mine. Mine, mine...all mine! That doesn't happen too often.

It's just something about the people...the dynamics, the challenges and the commitment of the couples to WIN. With the Amazing Race, I get to travel and live vicariously as they dash through airports, eat outrageous foods, maneuver through foreign cities despite language barriers while strategically playing the game to win. Add to that the mix of personalities, the ability to play well with others....or not....and the overall group dynamic!!! I don't get out much.

For's heaven. The people, the personalities, the's every team I've ever worked with....banking, merchandising, families or kindergarten ....even PTO groups! The personalities are the same...only the situation has changed.

The people that have me mesmorized are the same people who make Biff crazy! To Biff, it's stressful and it's hell...the same differences we have with I Love Lucy. Heaven for me. Hell for Biff

The Apprentice with "The Donald" is next. Depending on the teams, Biff may join me in my group dynamic observation.

It's all the same as kindergarten...we repeat it again and again. Those rules still apply... in life! I do believe who we were then is who we are now.

As my good friend Kate said, when we were discussing preschool selection, " I have 4 girls, they've gone to a variety of pre-schools and they all had to learn their ABC's over again kindergarten!"