Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ten Reasons Why Boo,The Kitty, Loves Me

1. I feed him 2. I pet him 3. I wear the colors he likes to sleep on....all cats know how to accessorize 4. I try not to laugh when he makes a giant leap and falls short 5. Apparently, I'm comfortable. 6. He loves my 98.6 temperature to absorb my heat 7. I talk funny when I speak to him 8. He likes the dog beds that I chose.....apparently ....because I always find him sleeping in them while the dogs sleep on the hardwood floor 9. He likes me as his computer teacher and always arrives at the same I do.......apparently.....because he always arrives at the same time as I do.....and pokes at all of the keys. 10. He talks to me all day long.

Goldens and Sunshine..Golden Sunshine

Either way, it's a beautiful day for all of us! Sunshine and snow. Ahhhhh. The reflection of sun on the shiny white glaze seems to warm my whole being. Even Daisy and Fitzy are loving it...Daisy rolls over on the frozen snow as if to bathe in the sunshine and clean her coat...although I still check to be sure she's not rolling on a mouse or some other creature that has been dropped of at the house by Jinx as a proud offering to let us know he's taking care of us. Usually, his best work is done while Biff is out ....to let us know he's working hard to keep us safe Our little jungle keeps us jumping!

There is hope that spring will come. Life is good...it's in the air.