Friday, February 26, 2010

Raghava KK: Five lives of an artist | Video on

today i came across the most interesting site called
"tedblog".....lots more to how i got there but it is a wonderful site with a beautiful mission.  it is to share many topics of discussion and interest without being political....just a site to find things that interest you ....that you may become involved in with friends, neighbors and family....colleagues form school or work.  it's all about discussing the stuff that makes you think and sharing what you think with others creates more thinking and so on....and so on....and so on.......

i'll have to post a link to let you see on your may be curious or not.  you are welcome to check this out on your own.....or not. 

i found this site and remained open minded...but just a tad cynical...i entered a new world of culture, learning and exposure!  the internet is amazing how it has opened me to so many new things....just because of facebook, my blog, my new computer from biff!

this link below is magical to me.  it is a young guy from india who tells a great story of his love of art, doodling, cartooning, painting and so much more.....

he is amazing.  his honesty is amazing.  his love for his art is amazing and a beautiful path he chose to follow....and he is very creative in staying true to his dream!

if you can take the time to hear the is so moving for me...he believes passionately about art and the healing of art......and the joy of art and freedom it allows the end he tells of a beautiful way that he was touched by a little girl.

i cried because i remember some of those same beautiful moments doing art with children and what a joy it is to share with children.  i was also touched to hear him tell of sharing his gift with the hospital.

when i did art therapy volunteering in hospice here in connecticut, it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. i had a friend who said to me, "couldn't you think of something a little more uplifting to do for volunteer work?"

the irony is that it was one of THE most uplifting experiences of my life.  each and every person that i worked with and sat with to do  a variety of art  projects with have forever touched ME!  and i thought i was there to give to them, to take their mind off of some of their pain, both physical and emotional!  it was me that was moved to laughter and tears with each patient.....and it was me that was given the gift of time with them for the rest of their lives....quite literally!

each person that i "worked" with made a difference in my life....and not a day goes by that i don't think of one of the people that i was so blessed to know!  they were angels in my life....and they shared some of the love with my family.  we are all forever touched by that time spent with incredibly strong people and their outrageously strong family members....children, grandchildren,daughters and sons.....  they, too changed my life!

that time doing artwork with the families, of all races, religions and cultures gave me the learning of a lifetime.  art matters.  art can change the way people think.  more children should know the joy of creating and sharing.....children need to be exposed to the joy of crayons, markers, paper, paint, scissors, chalk, pastels colored pencils...........and adults too.  children can teach us!   they teach us to be less inhibited and free and to be proud and excited and enthusiastic of whatever we create.

i believe  busy homes with over scheduled children, living life in the material world....along with public education cutting back the arts.....and teaching to the test....are keeping our children from some of the simplest and healthy pleasures of

a box of crayons and a little paper.  it is magically healing!  

Thursday, February 25, 2010

today, i was walking the dogs in the rain....just taking it slow and meandering through the woods.

 that's when i saw the heart shaped rock.

i like to daydream and enjoy all of the textures and colors of nature. it's like my senses come alive.

the dogs run...and stop.....along stone walls they seem to be hunting chipmunks, all over and under rocks, the trails, the knot holes, the water, the grass, the snow........
every walk, everyday is a new adventure!

sometimes i feel like that.
everyday is different.....some days are more high energy, some low....but mostly, i try to enjoy the little things in life and just be aware of who and what surrounds me.

daisy and fitzy have taught me alot....slowing down and enjoying the simple things and the beauty around me!

my days are better when i take the time to pay attention to my energy and enjoy the people i meet along the way. sometimes i feel better myself when i take the time to say hello to's easier to just keep going when life's busy-ness takes over.....not in the long run.  just sharing some good....simple.

today was one of those days.  a wonderful man that we know from  town, who has just recovered from brain surgery, was getting into his car as i passed by....i thought as i passed by....oh, i'm just going to keep going....i have to get things done.  and  then i thought, this man is  i turned around for a friendly hello. what a delight. what an inspiration. how great it was just to see his smile. i was glad that i stopped. simple.

today i was out and about. many people had high energy...maybe the more mild weather made people more hopeful.....believing that sometime we would thaw out.  it seems it's always the simple kind words that make a difference....awareness of the people i encounter.  simple.

a funny thing has happened since i'm out with the dogs i love so much....they have taught me alot.  our kids have taught me alot.  to see the world from the dogs perspective is great....they have no agenda....they just love exploring, being with people, finding new scents!  so simple.  they wander, i wander with them.  simple!

the kids really are always teaching us.  when they were little, i had to learn to go the long way....little kids don't just go from point a to point b........they find so much all along the way.  i saw some 4 year olds in a store today....they were standing at some refrigerated shelving....with little organic milk boxes on the top shelf....they talked and tippy toed and jumped and reached and discussed just what they should do.....together to get that unreachable milk! it was awesome....their little brains at work doing something big people take for granted!  simple.

in the woods, i was simply taking in the beauty. i was walking looking down.....looking at the velvety moss and the testures....i was looking at the melted snow and the puddles....i was looking at the dogs paws.
life around me.  simple.

some days i'm more aware of the people and nature and my surroundings than others....
i'm always grateful when i'm aware of the goodness surrounding me.  i think having kids did that for me. i think that's what i have always loved about being with little people.....they are just people that are little!  they take time to notice the details around them.  they ask questions.  they look. they stay in the moment. simple.

i was soaking in my surroundings.  literally.  thanks to the dogs, i've learned to love the pouring rain. i've learned so much from these four legged creatures that we all love so much!  just be where we are.  simple.
when i slow down, that's when i have more appreciation for the simple bits in nature.
the heart shape rocks....

as i walk and take in everything around me.....i looked down at the trail as i walked. simple.
another heart shaped rock.

today, these heart rocks in the woods are a reminder. 
love is all around.  we just have to notice.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

see the dishes!


hi!  it's me!  again!
i know,  right now you're saying,"oh no! she's playing with her computer she goes again with these ridiculous pictures!"
well, it's been fun learning a bit more about this techno world that i've been thrown into.......or chosen, ever since starting this mixed up blog.  it's been a ball!   i've learned so much!

who knew that when starting this blog about 4 months ago, i would learn so much!  and i'm proud to say that i've done it all by myself!

in the past, i always looked for a techno enabler....or some innocent codependent...preferably in my family....because of their proximity to my help me through even the simplest of mouse clicking...right click, left click, scroll!

so as it turns out, i "littlemarymixup" as my mom so endearingly nicknamed me, have enjoyed writing so much that it seems that perhaps some other bits and pieces of my life have gone astray.

how? you ask?  i'll tell you.....or at least i 'll give you the answer that comes to me right off of the top of my head.....(sorry to you if you didn't even ask that question!)....i seem to have so much fun writing that i forget to do some of the little things i'm supposed to do like.....hmmmmmm.....clean, do laundry, wash the floor, cook dinner, darn socks....oh wait! i throw out socks!  who ever darned anyway?  hey, i guess that's where the phrase,"darn it!" came from!

so where was i?  oh! that's right, i was mentioning that my blog gets me a little distracted from bedtime and sleep and....hey wait a minute!  this blog is having the same effect on me as the olympics!

sometimes, the blog comes in handy!  it's like those people we all know, who use their children as an excuse.....come on, we all know they don't have to go to another luckless potluck supper over at the neighbor cat lady's house.

do i blame the blog because i have some issues with mail....not that i don't have the stamps....i have lots of stamps...i always buy those adorable ones that come out with old movie stars or antique cars or blooming flowers or artists. i just don't always have the stamp at the time i address the envelope and if i have the stamp on the envelope, i may not have the address....if i have the address and the stamp on the envelope, i can't find  a mailbox......if i get them all together at the same time, the letter drops down between the car seat and the  middle console.....

it just goes on and on!  can i use the blog for an excuse for what happened today?  i woke up, got the kids off to school, walked the dogs through the woods in the rain, got back home, used the "sham-wow!" to wipe the 3 gallons of water on each golden retriever.........
had my coffee while watching a bit of olympic recaps, got myself ready to get out the door, drove off to my doctor's appointment,arrived at my appointment with minutes to spare, sat down to enjoy a wonderful magazine and........they saw me sitting down and......i was there one day early!  24 hours.

no, i don't think my blog is responsible for that! 

the reason that i have some crazy looking pictures on this blog is because i wanted to show my kids what can happen with the ripple effect.  lately, i think the ripple effect has come about because of my's the little things.  i like to have the kitchen clean, not perfect...just clean, orderly and comfortable. that's all.  things like counters, floor, clutter, dishes, dishwasher......what was that? the the picture that i took with my little net book.....and another picture with DISHES in the sink....hmmmmm.....why would dishes be piled up  over the edge of the sink.....
we have two kids...they are responsible for some work in our house.  the dishwasher must be emptied by both kids.  grace empties the top shelf and t.j. empties the bottom half.  somehow, last night, while i was writing my blog and watching the olympics with the family.....two of our two children did not empty the dishwasher.  i was "blogging", a word t.j. uses to make fun of my writing.....and when grace and t.j. went upstairs, i failed to notice that.......until i finished writing my -b-l-o-g- ....they were asleep!  
so, i really showed those kids of ours! i didn't empty the dishwasher all day...i waited until they came home from school and let them do it....well, guess what?  they didn't even notice....they might not have even noticed dishes up to the ceiling until i mentioned the fact that i couldn't wash the floor, because i couldn't get to the water in the sink....because the dishes in the sink didn't go into the dishwasher....because the dishwasher didn't get emptied.

and it's all because of my blog. so the reason that i have all of these pictures of me trying to get a picture of the sink in our kitchen, in our house, where i write my

over my shoulder, you might be able to see the dishes!

ShamWow (Full Length)

beware of imitators!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

in my own mind.

this may be a first!  i might just be too tired to write.  we are a week or so into the olympics and i feel like i've been worn out from all of this activity. 

                  our olympic training on the luge.......

i've been on the luge...mens' and womens', i've done freestyle skiing and snowboarding, ice dancing, ice hockey, womens' skating, free skating, curling, speed skating, giant slalom, snowboarding, downhill skiing, bobsledding, the bi-athalon and much more that my brain can't even function well enough to remember.

                             our bobsled

i feel like i'm at the academy awards and i don't have my script with all of the names of the fine actors, producers and directors and oh! don't let me forget to mention the set directors and lighting and oh!  cinematography director!!!  and last but not least, how could i forget bob costas?

let's face it....we all know that bob costas makes the olympics!  how grateful we are in our house that he has such a lovely and even tone low, melodic voice!  think of the different commentators that could make these events even more stressful!

 our commentator!

and who could forget the greatest commentators on ice,
dick buttons and tom, sarah.....and what's her name, you know, peggy fleming, dorothy hamill...the one with the haircut!....i had that haircut but i don't know how to spell her name!  well, they were all there!

sensuality, flirt, style, grace, poise.......just some of the words used to describe their performance.

triple toe loop and double toe loops and working the program, rotations, technical, triple lutz,  triple flips, combination, sequence, triple loops, timing, awkward, athleticism,  artistic elements, moving freely, good and solid, short of rotation, landing............and that's just the ice skating!!

phew! i'm exhausted from working so hard...o.k., so i'm not actually working toward the olympic medal with all of the years of preparation, family sacrifice, time, money, willpower, strength, drive, dreams, goals and triumphs, but these 2010 winter olympic games are killing me!

our ski team!

the pressure!  the emotion! the hopes! the dreams! the stories of excellence and struggle, personal, physical and emotional....are all so much to take in!  and what about our personal favorites....and our country loyalty...the greatest story of perserverence through much adversity!

as i'm writing this, the canadian ice skater, whose mother just died, is on the ice...magnificent....and bob costas is interviewing tim janssen, a speed skater from the last winter olympic games, whose sister died just before his big's one big lump in my throat!  how did she do beautifully and so flawlessly.  i feel her pain....and i have no idea how she even stood up, much less skated through it all!

i can imagine her thinking about her mom and doing it for her mom, in her memory....i can imagine how she feels like she's going through the motions and just not allowing her emotions ......until after....and....the healing begins....the sadness and the loss.....yet, she pulled herself together enough to be able to skate and live her dream!

these olympic days and nights have me physically and emotionally exhausted.  i can't just watch quietly....the kids have made fun of my armchair coaching and cheering and plain old hysterics!

and why are we all so captivated?  to sit and sit and shout and ooh and ahhhh and ohhhhh!  and i hold my breath! because of that thinking.....magical could have been me! 

rachel flatt.....17  years old...... a high school senior...... preparing for her graduation in the spring.........this u.s. champion has a mom and dad who are
o.k. now the molecular biologist and biochemical engineer...great personality...american champion....cheyenne high school senior who is planning to go to stanford!  not just any old school, stanford!.......and she's adorable!  talent and beauty and smarts!  to the max in each category!  wow!  

and to think i was proud that i went to the post office today to mail a package, mail 2 letters and pick up a return package that had been returned because it had been deemed an insufficient address.......because i had not written the name of my sister in law on the package.......just a name....don't most people leave out the zip code?

i was proud that i returned d.v.d's to the library in a timely manner!  

i was proud that i walked the dogs at the beach in the rain.

i was proud that i made it to an appointment today.

i was proud that i cooked a whole recipe by myself tonight....and biff missed it because he is out of was a new recipe with lots of ingredients that i had never used before! .......and i had all of the ingredients! very proud...did i already say that?

i was proud that when i went to the back of the car and i saw fitzy and daisy sitting so nicely ......waiting for me!  i found out later, when i went out to the car......fitzy had eaten a pizza......... that fell out of the bag of groceries earlier!

i'm still a champion! my own mind.

Monday, February 22, 2010

"it's always something!"

we have good kids.  good kids in a good world......most of the time....the world, that is. well, the kids are good most of the time too.  it's funny because i write about the mixups in life, sometimes i tend to talk about the crazy days....last week, it was the lazy days.

we are all learning ....together.   we have never had teenagers before.  they have never been teens before.  we all go through growing pains at all of the stages of life together.  it's not so easy for us....kind of learn as we go....same for them, only we seem to put up more stop signs than they would like. so many signs to consider................ the stops, the yields, the slippery turns, the dead ends, the speeding, the slow curves all apply to our parenting.

sometimes, those street signs seem to be disturbing to our kids who are doing their best to find their way through their own twists and turns of life.  and in their new teen lives, we would like to keep the fender benders to a minimum.  yet, it's some of those street signs that they must learn how to deal with on their own.  we want to protect them....we want them to be safe....we want to teach them everything there is to know.  some stuff they just have to find out on their own.....and make their own mistakes.

we did!  i think that's why we want to protect them from making mistakes that we may have made.  yet, they may not even be making the same mistakes as us.  we learned, "don't make the same mistake twice.".....we don't even want our kids to make the same mistake once....just because our need/want to protect.

how will they learn to move through life if we don't let them go...make their own mistakes.  they have to. it's just so scary for us. it's a big world with room for so many really big mistakes.

we read, we hear them on t.v., we hear about alot from friends.  we especially hear about things that are harmful because of the internet.  it's that world outside...that world coming to us at a faster rate than we know how to read up on it. it's crazy for us! to our kids, it's coming at them at an even faster speed but they seem to be used to that speed.  that's the only speed they've known!

this may be the way it's always been....for our parents and generations that it's our turn, it sure seems bigger than before....or maybe that's just our perspective. not only are we so involved in our childrens' lives, we have more technology an media to hear and see what's out there.

just like the generations before, our kids say these things won't happen to them and don't happen where we live.  the are beautifully innocent. some of that is why we are concerned for them....we don't want their innocence taken away. i know kids, in general, are never really that innocent...were we?

it seems like the more parents in this phase of parenting that i talk to have very similar concerns...boys, girls, teens and younger.  no matter what the parenting style, it seems we're all trying to do our best.

parenting styles are so different...even with sisters or best friends....we all have our own style that seems to be best for our children.  if there is one thing that i've learned since having children, it's not to judge anyone or their children.  there is no right way or wrong way.  wouldn't it be nice if there was a black and white, yes and no, right or wrong.  stop or go. red or green.  it's the yellow lights that cause so much confusion. 

talking with grace and ted, they tell us that we are so strict....we say no when others say yes....everyone else let's their kids do come you don't let us do anything fun?

that's not the way we see it.  we do let them have independence. we let them do what is appropriate for their age.  the only battles we face are when other parents give their kids alot more freedom.  it's ironic because we are open to so much...yet, we seem to be rigid in their minds.  everyday, some new boundary becomes a topic of conversation, discussion, argument or battle!  and that's without us  even leaving the comes up because of the freedom of someone elses kid!  that's a tough one.  wouldn't it be so much easier to say, "o.k., go with them...if her mom says o.k., than that's good enough for me!  no questions asked."

and not. can't. won't. will not. do not. don' is that a part of my vocabulary now....when i'm just living my life...doing the best i can as a mom.  and...*POOF* from the outside world....or some other kids' parents say it's o.k.................that's when a volcano erupts in MY house.  out of no where....

sometimes when we bring up something or event that's happened...on the news or hear stories from other parents...or learn from a speaker at the"tweens" meetings i attend.........things like, "that doesn't happen here mom.....just because you hear these things at "tweens" but they happen other you scare read these things and because you read about them, you think they happen here!"

i had a long talk with grace the other was great because she was so honest with her feelings and frustrations.  she feels like some friends are allowed to do so much more....with so many different ages.....go so many much freedom.  that's her perception.  she's aware of what's right and wrong.  she's very clear on what she knows is right or wrong.  she is one smart cookie and i'm so proud of her....she is morally conscious, responsible and wants to do the right thing and abide by our rules.  it's getting harder and harder for her when some of her friends are allowed more and more freedom.

she says sometimes the rules just make her want to break them...sometimes our rule make her think we don't trust her. that is so far from true.  we do trust her and we also know the temptations out break rules just because your friends have different rules.

this is the hardest time in her life...this learning is painful for both of us....i love her so much and she is such a sweet girl....i trust her like crazy.  but, i still have to be the mom and be the parent....with biff.  how grateful i am that we parent together.  even with each other, this is tough stuff.

i know lots of parents who feel the same....every parent has different challenges. as gilda radner said,"if it's not one thing, it's another!"......."it's always something!"