Monday, November 30, 2009

just another mono monday

monday after thanksgiving....our mono girl is still home in to the doctor for another appointment. it 's amazing to think it was just a week ago that we found out the diagnosis mono.....and almost a week since our trip to the emergency room with grace barely able to swallow.

once again, murphy's law with mr. murphy out of town. very scary for does amaze me to think of how graceful i can be under stress... all for the sake of children. i'm the first to get on a roll and tell a story about how our life goes.....but when it's time for business it gets done.

throughout our journey, this last week, we all feel grateful that the sickness taking it's toll on grace is just a passing sickness and we can move through it. as we sat at the children's hospital last week, in the quiet hours of early morning in the emergency room, i had to pause and be thankful for all of our blessings and good health...despite the pain of our daughter at this moment.

i've stopped myself many times in the last week to think about the gift of health that we may take for granted....until something shakes us up enough to appreciate how amazing our bodies much we are able to do without even thinking. the emergency room at children's hospital really helps to put things in perspective. especially at thanksgiving. i've sent lots of prayers to families with more troubles than mono....and more than a thanksgiving turkey to think about.

throughout the last week, still exhausted and run down, we've all had alot to think about.....not just the family thanksgiving dinner that we missed....but our nutrition, our sleep, our quiet, our exercise....and the balance of our lives. this has been a warning sign for us all to listen to our bodies and take care of them and take care by treating our bodies with respect.

for me, i know it's time to live on more than a bowl of cereal and coffee for breakfast.... and a peanut butter and jelly or yogurt for lunch.....and who knows what for dinner. it's time to really work at the balance.....moderation.....and peace.

o.k. this morning, i've chosen to just sit....drink my coffee...write a little....and get started with the phone calls, making doctor appointments, cancelling dentist appointments (really, what dentist wants a girl with mono, tonsillitis and strept throat in his chair....especially to poke around in her mouth....YUK) ....put away laundry, vacuum, empty the dishwasher, walk the dogs, administer some medicine. i think i'm so grateful, starting the week out with a girl who's on her way back to her blessed good health, that i'll have a little bounce in my step. did i mention that i'm grateful.

this week, we may get back to normal.....whatever our normal is....and we know, our normal is just being a little kooky! and that's our normal. so, whatever your normal is....enjoy it!

by the way, i'm tired....but, i don't have mono.....i'm just a mom.

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