Friday, December 11, 2009

little susie sunshine

yesterday, i had some facebook fun...while online, an old college friend and i made plans to get together for coffee. we planned on meeting at starbucks after i finished walking the dogs at the beach....she declined my dog walking invitation because it was the coldest weather we've had this winter. maybe she declined the beach walk because the last time we walked at the beach, i lost my ray ban sunglasses...a present from my kids....i held my friend hostage while we paced back and forth retracing our footsteps on an early fall day. every phone call after that day started with,"did you find your sunglasses yet?"....since she's a college friend, she is well versed in my little mary mix up adventures!......and we're friends anyway!

the best part about old friends is that they know all of my peccadillos and they forge ahead in our crazy friendships anyway.....with one mix up after another, these friends have stood the true test of time. of course, that includes all of their peccadillos!

i am a loyal friend. i've been blessed to have friends like sisters.....yup! having two brothers, i've always made up for that sister thing with really great friends..... through ups and downs, boyfriends, jobs, weddings, wakes and funerals (wait...that's my irish family)....babies, divorces, life dramas, big and small........we're always there to support each other.

that's why, when my good old college friend said she would take a peek at my blog, i knew she'd follow through....and she'd be very familiar with life with liz! i was happy to hear that she and some other friends had been reading but had not yet signed in as a follower....a follower....sounds cultish..but, i'm a leo and love being the leader!

as the saying goes, "birds of a feather stick together." i guess it's true. tara called this morning to let me know that she had been reading my blog, when another college friend began instant messaging her while on line....she was busy trying to read, sign on as a follower, talk to our mutual friend and mention the blog, also managing a phone call from her son's school.....she managed her way through the technological world, an a.d.d. world for us, and dashed out of the house to run her morning errands. she was out and about...all over town...while checking out at the grocery store, she was feeling a chill...the temperature outdoors was very cold....she questioned the quality of her pants and looked down to see.....she was wearing her pajamas! she managed to have a jacket covering her top and even thought to accessorize with a scarf, but in her scattered attempt to handle techno worlds of e-mails, phone calls, instant messaging and my blog!

and to think, earlier this morning, i was concerned with my pajama get up i got on to take the dogs outside in the pants, t-shirt, my husband's sweatshirt, my uggs that one of the dogs ate as a puppy, and a big white fluffy blanket! i was styling quite the look! as long as the kids had gotten on their bus for school, i was safe from judgement....maybe.

my phone rang mid was tara. she was hysterical, screaming into the phone, "o.k. little mary mix up or whoever the hey you are....i was out this morning....
blah, blah, blah.....i was in the middle of reading your's your fault...i am so embarrassed....i had to call....i told my husband i was reading little susie sunshine or some damn thing and i ran out the door in my p.j.s!....are ya happy...i told everyone you're blogging and i forgot to get dressed!"

birds of a feather...little susie sunshine and little mary mix up!

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