Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"you're a hippie!"

o.k..........last night, our family was having a nice dinner together....actually, having some lively conversation about current events,telling stories and laughing TOGETHER! then, it happened.....just my husband and i, with our 13 year old son, at the dinner table. we were having some fun with him and his jovial mood.....he has a great, quick wit! i began telling a story about antics in college, maybe toned down for his sake.....griff told some funny stories about some old friends and then everything an instant!! with a smirk, he said, "why are you two're not even funny....i can't believe you're my parents!".....that made us laugh harder! he continued, "really, you both have to grow up!"

well, maybe....but, not likely. it's our twisted sense of humor that's getting us through the beginning of these teen years.....if we didn't laugh, we'd cry. we know that everything we do is embarrassing....and we're kind of normal...we do like to have fun....they (the teen opposing team in our house) used to think we were great...they loved us and loved the times we had together! and, overnight, we, the parents have disappointed them in every regard!

as we talked a little more, i was talking with him and mentioned something about feelings, i was then that he said, "oh're a hippie!" "what? why do you say that?....uncle tom and uncle tim were hippies....i wasn't even in the hippie generation!", i continued.....he laughed and said, "mom, come on, you're always painting and doing craft things, you talk about feelings and the're a hippie!"

and i thought i was just being a good parent!

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