Sunday, January 17, 2010

just another day.

how much fun it is to be at the beach on cold winter days.
walking with daisy and fitzy.
our goldens.
its a step away from the busy-ness of life.
they take us to new places that we might not have noticed along our walks.

biff and i have time to talk quietly.
we have little dates.
we laugh together.
we dream about places we love and summer.
we think about places we'd like to go.
we ramble random thoughts.....mine more than his!
we complain about our kids and why they do this or that.
and why they don't do this or that.
we share funny stories about our kids.
we talk about how proud we are of them.
we laugh about the things we see in them that are just like us.
we laugh and cry about our imperfections as parents......o.k....i cry.

we really love our beach walks with the dogs.
we get time together.
just time.
quiet time.

and then we come back home.
to music.
cell phones.
kids laughter.
kids fighting.
kids wants.
kids needs.
our real life.
the life we chose.
the kids we love.
the warm comfortable home.
with cats
and dogs
and fish
and family.

just another day.

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