Friday, January 22, 2010

just a day.

sometimes it's just nice to have a day.  just a day.  with no plans.  no appointments.  no meetings.  no agenda.  i didn't plan my day to be like this.  it just is.

that's the nice part.  it just happened.  i have a cold.  just a cold. foggy, headache, sore throat.  just a cold. it is making me feel tired and rundown.
i'm not complaining.  i'm just tired.

and so, i've decided not to fight it.  i'm at home, doing laundry and cleaning.  just not with the gusto of other days.  the dogs and cats are sleeping.  i'm not planning to sleep. i'm not that tired.  i started out kind  of slow today.

the first thing i did was take a shower.  just to feel warm.  when i came downstairs, my head began running through a list of to do items....then, as i walked into the kitchen, more to do items popped up.

i was putting something in the family room and other to do lists flashed in front of me.

walking through the playroom on the way to the laundry, i realized there are some things to take care of there too.

i sat down with my coffee.  i just sat. and sat.  i love to have one of those maxwell house moments.  you know the ones, where the woman is sitting, looking at the steam rise from her cup.....sometimes she's wrapped up in a quilt....on the couch....with a cute dog at her feet.......maybe a fire in the fireplace.  and then, we see her sip the coffee quietly.

that's how i want to feel today.  just quiet. just content.  just let all of the lists   and projects and to do's that  bounce about in my head, on a daily basis,    wait......settle down. they are always there.  they will always be there.

but today, i think i'll just let them bounce and not try to catch them all.  maybe a few.  the laundry's in.  the dogs and cats are sleeping. still.  calm.  peaceful.

maybe i'll just sit with my coffee and have a day.  just a day.

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