Tuesday, January 12, 2010

mixing them up!

shabby chic...that's me. i love style and comfortable surroundings...where family and friends can hunker in snd feel welcome.  i like to be in a house where i can feel the character of the people living there.

designer homes are lovely with color coordinated choices and fabrics, they feel too contrived.  i want to feel the warmth of the home and know the people better than generic art will allow.

i treasure the old and love the clean, crispness of the new.  i just love the history and wonder the life lived before it came to me.  i enjoy mixing up the new and the old....all in one place....and some of my most fun projects are taking the old and finding a new life for it...maybe finding a new purpose or color or addition...like new crystals....paint....and "candle cups" in place of electric connections.

i'm always moving furniture and mirrors and pillows and throws, as the seasons change or i have created something new.  there's always something that catches my eye.  i like functional....only if it's got that feeling of comfort and common sense.

i ramble on....always rambling.  whenever things get complicated and life has too much intensity...i love to find somewhere to use my creative energy....writing, doodling, decorating, painting, beading, drawing, restoring old dollhouses, modpodge and mosaaic(sp?)........and when in doubt, i paint it white! 

just love taking the little things in life...and mixing them up!

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